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Davisville, 4/1/13: 'Before I graduate, I want to ...'

How would you finish that sentence? UC Davis student Henry Lam wants to know—specifically, he invites you to write your answer on a chalkboard wall outside the Memorial Union April 3 or 4. It’s all part of a larger strategy. We discuss the project on today’s Davisville, as well as a half-dozen other campus projects he is part of, including the UC Davis Film Festival, the UC Davis Vietnamese Student organization, and last year’s Davis in a Day movie. Find updates on the event at http://ucdbeforeigrad.tumblr.com

Davisville, 2/18/13: The 'other Davis' with the Vanguard's David Greenwald

At the end of 2012, Davis Vanguard owner David Greenwald wrote and posted an essay about “the other Davis,” or the aspects of our town not necessarily reflected in Davis’ college-educated, affluent image. On today’s Davisville we talk about what he means, as well as the nearly 7-year-old Vanguard itself, which he says has about 6,000 core readers and took in about $50,000 last year.

Davisville, Jan. 21: Impressions from their first six months

Davis voters elected Lucas Frerichs, left, and Brett Lee to the City Council in mid-2012. On the current Davisville they discuss what they’ve learned and observed from their first six months, on subjects including the pace of change, the upcoming water rates election, and downtown retail. The interview appears in two halves: part one airs Jan. 21-Feb. 2, and part two (now available at http://www.kdrt.org/node/11443) will air Feb. 4-Feb. 17.

This journalist helped convict a Davis killer

Joel Davis is a hometown Davis journalist whose book “Justice Waits: The UC Davis Sweetheart Murders” played a key role in solving the 1980 Davis kidnapping and murder of “two stellar kids,” UC Davis students John Riggins and Sabrina Gonsalves. In December 2012, 32 years to the month after the slayings, a Sacramento Superior Court jury convicted Richard Hirschfield of first-degree murder for killing Gonsalves and Riggins, who were both 18.

UC Davis greenhouse expert Garry Pearson reports back from Iraq

Twice this year, Garry Pearson has gone to Iraq as part of a program to help Iraqis grow more vegetables. He oversees about 160 research greenhouses at UC Davis, and an ag project recruited him as a technical expert. On today’s Davisville he talks about what he saw. Pearson wanted to “see what’s going on [after the U.S. war] ... It’s my own natural curiosity. I know I have technical skills that can be passed on to different people, if it’s presented in the right way. On the ground my experience was just meeting the people everyday, the day-to-day folks. I got the opportunities to be out and to mix.”

He spent his time in Kurdistan, the less-violent northern part of the country, working with Kurds, Shias and Sunnis. Pearson describes both tension and reasons to hope—hotel guards with AK-47s, and a lively democracy. A few years ago he went to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Afghanistan is probably next. “Davis,” he says near the end of the show, “needs to get out and see the rest of the world.”

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