Davisville, 1/18/16: More stories from Oxford Circle's Gary Lee Yoder

Oxford Circle, which formed at Davis High School, made it big enough in the 1960s to play the Fillmore, Avalon and other major stages in San Francisco and Sacramento, sharing the bill with bands like the Grateful Dead. Gary Lee Yoder (photo), Oxford Circle’s main singer and writer, and later a member of Kak and Blue Cheer, still lives in Davis, and his first appearance on Davisville 13 months ago became one of KDRT’s most popular shows online for 2014-15. Today he returns with more stories, including the first time he heard Janis Joplin sing—Yoder was backstage at the Avalon with Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia at the time—and sizes up the possibility of Oxford Circle playing again. “It’s on the back burner,” he says. “It’d be fun.”