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Live Tracks  frequently airs recordings from local performances here in Davis. LT began broadcasting on Sept. 30, 2004, and has produced 703 original episodes as of January 2024. Best experienced with a lava lamp, cool recreational beverage of choice, and a place to chill out. Peace.

Replays Monday 1-3pm, Saturday 9-11pm
Live Thursday 7-9pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Live Tracks for 7:00pm on May 7th, 2020

  Original airdate April 30, 2015.  

  This episode features an excellent 17+ minute jam by Achilles Wheel recorded in Auburn, California in 2011.  Only fitting that it closely follows my telling of the 'History of the Lava Lamp.'  Both these segments can be found in hour two of the program.

  But wait, there's more!  How about a healthy dose of the West Nile Ramblers, seasoned by an amazing in studio live recording of "Smoke That Cigarette' performed by the Californios with Mike Blanchard.  The world's oldest pretzel, why is it shaped the way it is?  Why do humans have chins?

  Check it out.  Peace.

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Hi Jim,
Your show makes for great bike commute music...regarding Daltry & Townsend "cultural" was the Kennedy Center awards...presented by, you guessed it...dubya! Oh, and the Sac. Blues Review number is reminiscent of the Cealis commercial on TeeVee...any connection?? Just wondering, Drt-clod Craig

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/13/2008 - 9:42am

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