Live Tracks, Aug. 12, 2021: Remembering Gary Lee Yoder, by talking with musicians who played with him

JLW, far left, Gary & Jim far right, horn player & young lady.JPG

Poster for Oxford Circle concert in Davis' Central Park

In tonight's special program, Live Tracks host Jim Buchanan is joined by Davisville host Bill Buchanan to play music from Gary Lee Yoder's career, and to talk with musicians who played with Gary at different stages of his life: blues great Joe Louis Walker, Jim Keylor (Oxford Circle), Dehner Patten (Oxford Circle, Kak), Chris Lockheed (Kak), Alec Palao (record producer), Dean Sylvester (Davis musician), and René Martucci & Richard Urbino (Davis musicians in Cold Shot and According to Bazooka).

The poster for a concert in Davis is courtesy of Joe Louis Walker, who's shown in the far left side of the image. Oxford Circle members Gary Yoder and Jim Keylor are on the far right. For more information, see this earlier KDRT blog post.

Note: Disregard the stray notice at the start of this file that says this program is from the KDRT archives. This is the show recorded live on Aug. 12, 2021.


thank you so much for this show. I've known Gary since the 70s and he really was such a special guy, talented yes, but a darling sweet sincere friend. I will always remember him. Sandy Rogers


I want to thank you for doing this show. My only comment is I wish you'd had the ability to let everyone talk longer! I've never been to Davis, I'm on the East Coast and found all these bands by tracing through the Blue Cheer member histories. That was over 30 years ago. Their music really endures. Gary's work was of a lasting quality. Kak is still one of my favorite records. RIP

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