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  Live Tracks features a wide range of music, from early 60s rock and rockabilly, to folk, blues, bluegrass, jazz and beyond.  The program frequently airs songs from local performances recorded here in Davis.  Live Tracks began broadcasting on KDRT September 30, 2004.  As of February 2021 there have been 612 unique programs produced.



Replays Monday 1-3pm, Saturday 9-11pm
Live Thursday 7-9pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Live Tracks for 7:00pm on Mar 25th, 2021

  High energy rock and roll with recordings of Joe Craven and the Sometimers, Mumbo Gumbo, the Nickel Slots and Elvis and the E-Men.  That's just the first set.  The second set lays back with thoughtful lyrics and virtuoso guitar work from Sandy Coldiron (with support from Jan Peters on mandolin), the Honey Badgers, Gene Parsons and David Hayes, Kurt Roggli and Martin Lewis (Me and Him), and Achilles Wheel Trio.  The evening rounds out with a short rockin' set from Evan Daly Blues Band and Ray "Catfish" Copeland.

  Did I leave something out?  Yup.  Listen in and find out.  Peace. 

Live Tracks, March 18, 2021: Upbeat equinox with the harmonies of Duval Speck, and Brazilian jams of Boca do Rio

Featuring all live recordings of local artists, this special episode celebrates the renewal of Spring with the lively harmonies of Davis duo Duval Speck, the Brazilian space-funk of Boca do Rio, the world beat of Yolo Mambo, and the bossa nova/samba sounds of Son Nosso, whose members hail from Brazil, Sweden, Mexico, and Davis.

Duval Speck was recorded live by DJ Jim Buchanan in downtown Davis at E Street Plaza and Davis Central Park. The other bands were recorded live at Davis Odd Fellows Hall during the monthly Thursday Live! concert series.

Live Tracks Feb 25th, 2021: A high-octane dose of live music with The Nickel Slots

This episode features a never-before aired live recording of The Nickel Slots from their Nov. 2019 gig at Thursday Live! at the Davis Odd Fellows Hall.  The Nickel Slots are in the Sacramento Sammie Awards Hall of Fame for multiple category wins, and are described as "taking you on a journey through hard times and desperation that always carries hope that better things are just around the corner".  Just what we all need! Also featured in this episode are live recordings of Joe Craven and The Sometimes (also from the Davis Odd Fellows Hall), and an extended live set by Mumbo Gumbo from the 2018 Paradise Fire Relief Benefit broadcast live by KDRT.  

Live Tracks for Feb 18th, 2021: Joy and Madness Erupts!

In February 2019, the eight piece soul and funk band  Joy and Madness exploded onto the stage at Odd Fellows Hall, and kept the crowd dancing throughout the evening.  Jim "Live Tracks" Buchanan recorded this epic, joy-filled event and shares it tonight.  Joy and Madness describe their sound as "a raucous mix of raw stonesy energy, pulsing groove, and juicy horn lines coloring tightly crafted songs". They’ve shared the stage with other high energy performers such as Tower of Power, Trombone Shorty, and Collective Soul. They describe their front man and vocalist Hans Eberbach as bringing so much freewheeling energy to the stage, that he has literally broken right through the floorboards.

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Ahh, there goes the Sat. Question about lead pencils and tin cans. I KNOW THIS. I listen to Thur. Show so here it is Sat. And I have the answer. Really proud of my self to be so up on trivia. Of course you can only ask me on Sat. questions I heard on Thur.

Love this show. So much prep work goes into this show to make it so special. Thank you.

If you've ever paid taxes, catch the 3-minute segment on the April 17, 2014 Live Tracks show. It begins about 22:45 in from the start of the show.

Thanks, Jim for capturing the evening at the Odd Fellows.  I enjoyed listening tonight.  The Archetypes' set consisted of the following tunes:

1.  Breath Bridge

2. Thrift Shopping

3. Slow Down Boreas

4. Two for Benedetto

5. Hypothesis

6. Beautiful You

7. The Art of War

8. Heartlights

Jim, I missed Richie and the Yolos but the recording of Kurt and friend sounds exquisite. They were amazing. I'll check out the archieves for us. Thanks so much for calling tonight. 


Hi Jim - listening to your show up in Portland, OR -

Great show...had to listen to Monday's replay.

As I suspected, long time listeners of Live Tracks are tough, seasoned musicologists, not intimidated even by Capt. and Tennille. Listen up this Thursday while I raise the musical bar for fundraising...Thanks for listening! Jim

Just wanted to thank "Butane" James for the excellent broadcast from 1/28 on Live Tracks. Radio simply does not get any better than that!

For those of you who had the pleasure to listen to Live Tracks from 2/5/09...Jim's Beatles show, had the opportunity to hear radio at it's best.

No matter if you were sending out a signal from New York, Chicago or San Francisco, nothing could have been any better than this edition of Live Tracks.

Anyone who knows anybody that believes they know and enjoy the sound of early Beatles should give a listen.  Magnificent!



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