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Live Tracks  frequently airs recordings from local performances here in Davis. LT began broadcasting on Sept. 30, 2004, and has produced 715 original episodes as of June 2024. Best experienced with a lava lamp, cool recreational beverage of choice, and a place to chill out. Peace.

Replays Monday 1-3pm, Saturday 9-11pm
Live Thursday 7-9pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

An Evening at the 95.7 Lounge


  Some years ago this program was produced as an homage to the Cabaret style lounge acts.  Sadly, the days of dining out and watching the likes of Peggy Lee on stage have passed us by.

  For two hours you will be entertained at the 95.7 Live Tracks Lounge.  Don't miss the assortment of recipes for non-alchoholic cool recreational beverages of choice, submitted by the bartender.  You may need a pen and paper, or a photographic mind (Marie).

  Get the lights down low.  Close your eyes, and remember - always tip your waitress/waiter and bartender.

Live Tracks vintage2014


  This program originally aired in early March of 2014.  A remarkable example of what I always hoped this program would achieve.  Coherent, it works on many levels.  Good music also.  Check it out as a prescription for curing the blues this winter, at least for two hours.  I only wish there was some way to follow this up with similar quality programs, live from the studio.

  Be patient, kind listeners, we will get past the madness and chaos and find a Golden Orb* glowing phenomenally bright in our future.  Peace. 

  * Golden Orb is not an allusion to the arachnid Nephila, which is most definitely not what I want to see in my future.   Rather, it is an all encompassing symbol of happy times.  What would your Golden Orb signify? 

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Hi Jim,
Your show makes for great bike commute music...regarding Daltry & Townsend "cultural" was the Kennedy Center awards...presented by, you guessed it...dubya! Oh, and the Sac. Blues Review number is reminiscent of the Cealis commercial on TeeVee...any connection?? Just wondering, Drt-clod Craig

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 12/13/2008 - 9:42am

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