Unlimited Possibilities: Uplifting Women's Voices and Visions for a Better World

Unlimited Possibilities is a multilingual, multicultural podcast that highlights diverse voices and shared experiences. Episodes are in Dari and English.

We focus on engaging conversations that celebrate and create pathways for positive personal and community change – conversations that uplift women and girls in California and around the world. We discuss how to raise the status of women and girls in California and around the world through education, economics, technology, and the arts. Our guests share their lived experiences and expertise. Listen and be inspired!

Produced by Hui International/CalGalsMedia.   Sponsored by the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

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Episode 5: Jenny Horn

In this episode, we spoke with the technical trainer at Pixar University, Jenny Horn. Ms. Horn found a career that combines her passion for art and technology. We found that amazing and wanted to know how she landed what we consider a dream job. We also discussed what it's like to be a woman in digital animation. From the exciting opportunities in these fields to the hurdles that she has overcome, Ms.Horn inspires us all. 


STEAM Episode 4: Dheera Dusanapudi

In this epsidoe, our guest is Dheera Dusanapudi. She is Director of Campus Programs for Article 26 Backpack, a program dedicated to universal tech access and human rights at UC Davis. Dheera is brilliant, thoughtful, and is doing some amazing work at an age not far from our own. We all believe she is a voice of true resilience and compassion. Listen up as we talk about the intersection of tech and human rights, the importance of self advocacy, mentorship, and community…

STEAM EPISODE 3: Dr. Yann-Ru Lou

In today's episode, we were fortunate to speak to plant biologist and assistant professor at UCD, Dr. Yann-Ru Lou. Doctor Lou gifted us with insight into her academic and professional journeys and discussed the necessity and reward of personal motivation and resiliency. We were moved by her thoughts on gender equality within her field and by her words of advice for those entering STEAM fields. Tune in to hear more and be inspired.

STEAM Episode 2: Sharon Hagle

This interview was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We spoke with Blue Origin Astronaut, Sharon Hagle. Sharon Hagle is the CEO and Founder of the nonprofit SpaceKidsGlobal as well as an advocate for early STEAM immersion. We had a blast speaking with Sharon and are very grateful to receive her advice and wisdom. Get ready to hear about her experience aboard the Blue Origin spacecraft and the mission of SpaceKidsGlobal. Additionally, Sharon will be heading back to space and is looking for two kids to travel to Texas and watch the launch. Listen to the podcast and click our link in the description to learn more. https://www.spacekids.global/ and check out their YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/@spacekidsglobal7760.


STEAM Episode 1: Tina Moore

In STEAM Episode 1, we spoke with a truly gracious and powerful professional, Tina Moore. Tina is the Director of Bakery Operations for all of Nugget Markets as well as a self-taught information technology advisor. During our conversation with Tina Moore, we discuss topics such as female leadership in the workplace and the effects of stereotypes in our modern world. Tina was a joy to speak and we hope she will inspire you just as she inspired us.

Men Who Mentor: An Interview on Creating a Culture of Peace and UNSCR 1325 with Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhry

To transform the world for the better, men and women must to work together. Men must commit to ensuring women's voices are heard, valued, and incorprated in governance, conflict resolution, crisis recovery, and wellbeing. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhry made this commitment. His work has honored and elevated the voices and visions of women around the world. 

Ambassador Chowdhry recently sat down with Unlimited Possibilities host Lucy Morse Roberts to discuss his work - the passage of United Nations Security Coucil Resolution 1325, creating a culture of peace, and so much more. Listen and be inspired!


قسمت 5 (دری) Rukhsar Samimi (رخسار صمیمی) Episode 5 (Dari) Rukhsar Samimi

Rukhsar Samimi,  یک دانشجو در دانشگاه آسیایی زنان (AUW)، اهمیت و قدرت حمایت خانواده برای درک پتانسیل خود و قدرت مردسالاری برای بازدارندگی از دنبال کردن رویاهای خود را به اشتراک می‌گذارد. پیام او برای سایر زنان و دختران مبنی بر اینکه آنها حق تحصیل دارند و باید برای دفاع از حقوق خود بایستند. اگر به تلاش برای رسیدن به رویاهای خود ادامه دهند، روزی آنها را درک خواهند کرد. در کلمات او الهام و تشویق پیدا کنید.

Episode 5 (Dari) Rukhsar Samimi

Rukhsar Samimi, a student at the Asian University for Women (AUW), shares the importance and power of family support to realize one’s potential and the power of patriarchy to deter one from following one’s dreams. Her message for other women and girls that they have the right to be educated and should stand up for their rights. If they continue to push for

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