Silver Nine Volt Heart

Join your host Rodriguez as he swings the gate wide open for a cool musical trip featuring sounds from all points of the compass.  Being mindful that "everything connects to everything else," on Silver Nine Volt Heart  you will find the many colorful threads that make up the tapestry of recorded sound ... just click it on and let the music start. 

Replays Friday 10am-12pm, Saturday 2-4pm
Live Thursday 4-6pm
Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.

Joe and Hattie Craven Visit the KDRT Studio and Debut Their New CD - Garcia Songbook

There is no genre to accurately describe the music of Joe Craven and The Sometimers. Acid-Grass? Jazz Fusion Americana? Trying to define it would crush the exuberant and creative spirit that emerges when Craven, Jonathan Stoyanoff, Bruce MacMillan, Barry Eldridge and Hattie Craven play together. “No genre left behind” is their musical motto, and they accomplish the task with joyful abandon. In describing their latest album, radio host and musician David Gans has called the Garcia Songbook a "brilliant collection of fresh takes on songs Joe picked up from Jerry’s wildly diverse songbook. These aren’t just glib genre-blending exercises: each track offers an enlightening and engaging new approach". 

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