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Celtic Songlines celebrates the music, stories, and traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other Celtic lands. Tune in on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon at KDRT 95.7 FM, with replays Monday 8–9 p.m. and Saturday 6–7 p.m. Outside our broadcast area, you can stream at kdrt.org, or subscribe to the Celtic Songlines podcast on Apple podcasts. 


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Songlines within Celtic Lands

A replay from July 19th featuring the Bay Area's  Culann's Hounds, the Battlefield Band with Allison Kinnaird, The Sussex Sessions with Isobel Anderson & Ruby Colley, Socks in the Frying Pan, the band Chulrua, Maddy Prior, Capercaillie and Natalie MacMaster. 

Tune in live on Tuesdays from 11 a.m. to noon at KDRT 95.7FM with replays Monday 8-9pm, Saturday 6-7pm. Outside the broadcast area you can stream at kdrt.org, or subscribe to the Celtic Songlines podcast on Apple podcasts.

Music from the Celtic Lands

This week on Celtic Songlines we explore more fantastic musicians playing music from the Celtic lands. Come along lads and lassies for Plantxy, The Drowsy Lads,  Patrick Street, the wonderful duo of Anna & Elizabeth, The House Devils, Emily Smith with Jamie McClennan, Altan, pagan folk band Daridel, Brigid Mae Power and Shane Cook with Jake Charron. 

Celtic tunes and songs including a historic session with The Chieftains

This week on Celtic Songlines two more selections from the soon to be released album of the Chieftains from their historic sessions  at The Boarding House with Owsley Stanley: Bears Sonic Journals, The Foxhunt, San Francisco 1975 & 1976. Also this week, the band Drop the Floor, Runa, Tannahill Weavers, Ye Vagabonds, the ethereal music of Micah Blue Smaldone, Banshee in the Kitchen and Tannas.

The Chieftains, Jerry Garcia and Neotrad Celtic.

Thanks to former Grateful Dead publicist Dennis McNally, this week’s playlist on Celtic Songlines will include sharing a pre-release of songs from the Chieftains and their first journey to America. The Owsley Stanley Foundation, in partnership with Claddagh Records and Universal Music Ireland, is pleased to announce the ninth release from Owsley’s storied archive of live concert recordings – Bear’s Sonic Journals: The Fox Hunt — The Chieftains Live in San Francisco, 1973 & 1976. This album set will be released Sept. 2nd. These previously unreleased live concerts showcase the Irish band The Chieftains in 1973 on their first US tour, playing at the Boarding House in San Francisco on October 1 as the opener for Old and In the Way at the invitation of the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.

Fingerstyle Guitar within the Celtic Sphere

This week on Celtic Songlines the sound of fingerstyle guitar and fiddle-play flow throughout the playlist. Duck Baker begins our guitar play with Davey Graham featured later on with a live session (1967) from Hull University. The playlist includes Cape Breton style fiddler Brad Reid, a bit of Burns with vocalist Janet Russell and Billy Ross. From Ireland The Wilderness Yet, singer/songwriter Emma Langford, the band Dervish and fiddler Sam Sweeney. 

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