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Divine Intervention Strikes - Jan 16

Look at us, all prepared and ready to air with 90 minutes to spare! That's right, coming up at 7p sharp, Pacific time, it's a well-organized if not well-planned edition of Divine Intervention. We have some brand-new rock, pop, and more -- 2017 releases, no less -- along with some funk and some junk, and of course our "Vinyl Vespers" feature of the evening, pictured here, filed under the category of "Here's someone who didn't die in 2016!"...and ain't he just dreamy. :>

Divine Intervention Struck - Jan 9

Yes, it happend, it was week there'll be another one. If you missed this week's edition of Divine Intervention, the replay and playlist are available here. And, yes, our "Vinyl Vespers" feature really was Up with People!, featuring some inspiring cover-art testimonials from no less than the likes of John Wayne, Pat Boone, and Walt Disney. You're welcome. :>

Divine Intervention Struck - M 12/12

Well, SOMEone was a little slow on the draw this week, didn't get a blog post up in time to announce this week's installment of Divine Intervention. But that's OK, because the Internet is like a freaking TIME MACHINE. That's right, through the miracle of modern technology, you can still here this week's DI as a podcast here. Why should you do that? Well, just look at this week's Vinyl Vespers feature. Right? Right!

"Divine Intervention" Strikes, Nov 14, 7-9p PT

This edition of Divine Intervention may feature a few (or more than a few) rock/punk/misc songs of protest, frustration, and other feelings that we may be feeling in this post-election world. And, yes, the thumbnail is your very non-subtle hint regarding who's starring in our "Vinyl Vespers" segment. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Find replays/playlists via the program page.

"Divine Intervention" Strikes, Halloween Night, 7-9p PT

Ah, yes, that is the scariest jack-o'-lantern we could find...and, yes, it will be a special All Hallow's Eve edition of Divine Intervention. Please do expect some not-too-terribly expected spine-tingling tunes. And, of course, there will be a bit of new music in the mix, rock, pop, and otherwise. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

Album of the Week - Fiona Apple - "Tidal"

This week's featured album is Fiona Apple's Tidal. Apple's first studio record, it was released in July 1996 on both Work and Columbia Records. By the following year, the release had gone triple platinum, producing no less than six singles. Rolling Stone selected Tidal as one of the best records of the 90s. Quoting RS, "Apple's husky voice and jazzy melodies give an unexpected weight to her confessions on Tidal, as the 19-year-old New York art waif broods over adolescent malaise in off-kilter, insinuating piano ballads like 'Never Is a Promise.' She also comes up with a knockdown theme song in the anomalously hard-rocking 'Criminal,' the anthem of a young woman who's been careless with a delicate man and even more careless with her delicate self." Art waif, indeed.

KDRT's Album of the Week airs every Thursday evening at 5 p.m. PT on KDRT. This week's host is Jess Goddesse.

'Divine Intervention' Strikes - M 10/17 7-9p PT

Tonight on Divine Intervention, we have an interesting Vinyl Vespers feature. It's another case of "Will it be awfully good...or just plain awful?" Specifically, we'll hear Mac Gant and his Tennessee Dew Drops—that's the bit that sounds like it might be mighty good. But the record is Square Dance Calls and Instructions—that's the worrisome part. Either way, we'll  have an enjoyable worship, along with much rock, pop, and otherwise swingin' sounds, including the possibility of brand-new tracks from Emma Ruth Rundle, Ken De Poto, and more new releases. We'll try to slip in some local flavor, to boot, such as something from Oakland's T Sisters, who'll be performing hereabouts soon thanks to the Davis Live Music Collective. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

'Divine Intervention' Strikes - M 10/10 7-9p PT

This week on Divine Intervention, we'll do the new music thang, with lots of rock and pop and maybe some punk and probably some r&b -- you know the drill. "Vinyl Vespers" will be a true surprise -- we have no idea if the pictured album is good, bad, an extreme version of either of those adjectives, or blandly somewhere in between. Yes, we could have educated ourselves about the artist, but hostesse Jess Goddesse likes to be (un)pleasantly surprised along with the audience, and so we'll all hear it together, probably for the first time on DI, unless you happen to be in the know on ol' Snuff. Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.

'Divine Intervention' Strikes - 10/3 7-9p PT

Tune in to Divine Intervention for a random and rare mix of music -- much new, much rock and pop, mostly stellar... And then, of course, there'll be a blessedly short interlude for our "Vinyl Vespers" feature. This week's pick is pictured here. Let's hope Dr. Evans can give us some sound advice on "the most important institution in the home." Tune in live, 7-9p Pacific. Want replays/playlists? Visit the program page.