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Divine Intervention Strikes - Aug 28

sound in the rund.jpg

Sound in the Round cover art

Divine Intervention strikes this evening, 7-9 pm PT on KDRT. It's a hot, hot, HOT evening here in Davis, CA, and so we'll play nothing but the coolest of tunes, new and old, rock and beyond. So what does that mean, specifically? Nothing. Literally nothing. Like we said. It's hot. It's too hot to think, in fact. But we'll have fun. You'll see.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Aug 21


Will Powers cover art

This week's edition of Divine Intervention strikes with a slate of new rock/pop from the likes of Algiers, Cage the Elephant, Red Baraat, and Teenage Bottlerocket, as well as some loveliness en Español from Lila Downs. There will be other genres. There will be an obligatory eclipse-related song. And there will be Vinyl Vespers as pictured—a recording made to be funny that may have decidedly missed the mark. Guess we'll see (or hear) this evening, 7-9p PT, only on KDRT. More info and replays here on the program page.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Aug 14

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Rose-Petal Place cover art

You can see from the thumbnail that this is going to be an especially challenging Vinyl Vespers service, and so pat yourself on the back in advance for tuning in to Divine Intervention. The rewards will be great--including new and old rock, pop, and otherwise--live this evening, 7-9p Pacific, only on KDRT, where those grass roots (and apparently rose petals) grow.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Aug 7

john travolta cover art.jpg

John Travolta cover art

This week's edition of Divine Intervention is breaking the rules for Vinyl Vespers. First of all, we pretty much all know this "artist" on sight. Second, the image is a lie -- we did not spring for the "digitally remastered" [good-goddess-why?] edition. Third, we *may* play more than one track if the mood strikes. So there. Other than that, there will be indescribeable new rock/pop and other sundry goodness. Tune in this fine Monday evening, 7-9p PT, only on KDRT-FM.

Divine Intervention Strikes - July 31


Jimmy Swaggart cover art

It's a who-knows-what-the-heck's-gonna-happen kinda night on Divine Intervention -- so be prepared to buckle up, go with the flow, and [mix in some vague and also unrelated metaphor here]! There will be new music, and there will be rock, but WHICH new music and WHAT rock is unknown. What IS known is that Vinyl Vespers is breaking ranks and [insert another metaphor!] tonight: We'll hear an artist we probably all recognize, at least by name -- he's just too divine to dismiss. Tune in Monday eve, starting at 7 pm, only on KDRT!

Divine Intervention Strikes - July 3

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George Maharis cover art

This evening on Divine Intervention, we'll listen to some sweet sounds from the bands performing at tomorrow's Fourth of July celebration (thanks to the Davis Live Music Collective). "Which bands?" you ask. None other thanCon Brio, Achilles Wheel, and Element Brass Band. "Will this be fun?" you ask. Actually, no, you don't—because you know from the line-up that the answer is a definite "Yes!" Instead, you ask if George Maharis is in one of these bands. We decline to answer that silly question, but we do hope you'll tune in for the July 4th preview, new music, and, of course, Vinyl Vespers, only on Divine Intervention, 7-9p PT, on KDRT-FM.

Album of the Week - NEW Garrett Pierce - June 22


Dusk cover art
The East Bay Express expresses it best: "Garrett pens songs that are literary in style with well-worked lyrics and a voice that soars over dark, ethereal melodies...ranging from raving pop to solemn folk, from Shins-like exuberance to Mark Kozalek's charismatic sadness." Dusk is no exception. Tune in Thursday, June 22, 5-6p, for Album of the Week on KDRT. Jess Goddesse hosts.