Woodstock 50th Anniversary Featured Aug. 14 and 15 with 7 Hours of Live Recordings from Back to the Garden

This August 15th  marks the 50th anniversary of the legendary 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, that included many of the most influential musicians of the sixties era.  Longtime KDRT programmers Wayne, Rodriguez, and Jim are pre-empting their regular programs this week to bring you 7 hours of live recordings selected from "Woodstock – Back to the Garden – 50th Anniversary Experience" - a 10 CD collection, including all 32 Woodstock bands. KDRT's special programing continues Thursday, August 15th, from 5-9pm with Rodriguez and Jim "Live Tracks" Buchanan. From 5-7pm, Rodriguez will feature selections from mid-concert bands such as Mountain, Grateful Dead, CCR, Janis, The Who, Jefferson Airplane and Joe Cocker.  At 7-9pm, Jim will continue with Country Joe and The Fish, The Band, Johnny Winter, CSN&Y, the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and Jimi Hendrix.  BONUS: Each Sunday in August, DJ Alligator will dedicate The Golden Road show 4-6 pm to live Woodstock recordings as well.




Wow! I remember the time in my pre-teen years that made me excited about the future.  Looking forward to find reminiscence.

Tune in Sundays from 4 to 6pm for Woodstock revisited on The Golden Road with Alligator.

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