Meraki Radio Honors the Passing of Francis Resta - WWII Combat Veteran, PTSD Advocate, KDRT Co-Host, and More

The Nov. 22, 2019 episode of Meraki Radio is a special tribute to the life and wisdom of Francis Resta, a remarkable individual whom the KDRT community was fortunate to engage with during his weekly co-host activities on Alison B's show. He died on Oct. 31. "In this 1-hour special," Alison says, "Meraki Radio pays tribute to our late friend and co-host. Carol, his wife, takes his seat in the studio, and visitors from the community share their thoughts. Bill Buchanan, Jeff Shaw, Michael Gangitano, Kate, and Alison B share perspectives, while Carol informs the conversation from Francis's angle. He will be missed forever, but will live on through all the lives he touched throughout his long life." Bill, host of  KDRT's "Davisville," speaks of admiring Francis' ability to talk about difficult combat-related topics. He interviewed Francis for "Davisville" in 2018, and the San Francisco Press Club recently awarded the episode first-place among public affairs shows (staff of 1 to 4) on non-commercial radio in the club's annual "excellence in journalism" competition.



As the publisher at 4WD Mechanix Magazine, I have covered Wheelers for the Wounded Rubicon Super Events (2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014). At the 2012 four-wheel drive run over the Rubicon Trail, I filmed and had the honor of interviewing Francis Resta...Intentionally, this was a fun event.

In the video interview, viewers can appreciate Francis' warmth and his ability to have a good time.  His lifelong accomplishments were many.  From the perils of WWII combat to a career and his loving family, Francis Resta represented our country and people at our best.  Francis Resta's legacy is his family and a wonderful book that I have highly recommended to Veterans and their families.  It is a privilege to have known Francis.  Enjoy the video and WFTW event:

Moses Ludel

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