Bluegrass? On KDRT? Is it Outta Style?

When I was first thinking about doing another show I thought about doing a Bluegrass show. I opted instead for a more free format. But tonight (March 2) on Outta Style I'm going to play some Bluegrass - something old and something new. Let me know if you like it and I'll make it a pretty regular feature of the show.


The Bluegrass edition was the best radio experience I've had in a long time! THANK YOU!
I made cassettes of the whole show and have replayed them several times in the last week!
Keep the bluegrass alive! It will never go out of style cos it was never in style -- it is our essence & roots!


Well thank you very much. I just may have to play some more bluegrass then. It's my favorite - other than jug band that is. Did you also hear the Ode to Earl show? More Bela Fleck. I also managed to stick some New Grass Revival into my Easter Show.


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