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Wayne Hagen

Wayne is a founding member of the California Jug Band Associaton (CJBA) and a member of its Board of Directors. In 2002 Wayne and his banjo playing buddy Andy began the International Jug Band Festival in Sutter Creek, California. The Festival just completed its 15th year. This festival has given birth to new jug band festivals as far away as Louisville, Kentucky, as well as the CJBA.

Wayne has been playing jug since 1979 and he'll pull out his jug and play with anyone. He also tries to play the mandolin and is a big fan of Vol Stevens and Yank Rachell. His passion for jug band music has turned him into a walking encyclopedia of the genre. Go ahead ask him a question, dare ya. Getting a chance to share his love for jug band music on KDRT is a great joy.


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