Davisville, Oct. 18, 2021: The Return of Lord Blood-Rah … which sounds like a title for one of the movies he hosts



For Halloween this year, we have a return visit with the imaginatively named Lord Blood-Rah, host of Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve-Wrackin’ Theatre on TV and Nerve-Wrackin’ Auditorium on radio. They're available in Davis on DCTV (channel 15 on Comcast, menu 99 on ATT U-Verse) or KDRT. Our guest, whose real name is Frank Wallace-Ailsworth, is a science-fiction/horror-show host in the tradition of Bob Wilkins and Elvira.

We talk about ... well, pretty much what you'd expect, such as classic radio, and movies from good to bad to charmingly stupid, plus what's in the “Venusian cocktail” created for one of his in-person showings at a movie palace in Orinda, and why anyone would watch a film like My Son, the Vampire. The story concerns a would-be vampire and his misguided robot. October is high season for stuff like this.

(Both of his programs are made possible by Lord Blood-Rah's Patreon supporters, as is the Patreon-exclusive weekly series Lord Blood-Rah's Cathode Zone. Information at patreon.com/lordbloodrah)


When there's a chill in the air, Lord Blood-Rah anticipates the coming of Halloween, and we look forward to Lord Blood-Rah!  Any half hour spent talking with LBR about horror and sci-fi is a half hour well spent. Truly, LBR is an archeologist of the wierd and way-out underbelly of pop culture.  Thank you for helping to introduce him to a wider audience.

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