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Davis Media Access and Autumn Labbe-Renault (5/24/18)

Once again Lois welcomes Autumn Labbe-Renault for an update on Davis Media Access as we celebrate DMA's 30th anniversary. 

As it says on the DMA website: "As a media and technology center, a community gathering place, and a content distributor, Davis Media Access works with people from all walks of life to address issues and topics often ignored by mainstream media. Our partners are libraries, schools, non-profits, local government, activists, musicians, and people like you. We help you tell your stories and ensure diverse voices are heard."

Listen now to hear some stories of the early DCTV days, and find out plans for DMA's future.

Short Stories from 'Cats In Space' (5/17/18)

Lois reads short stories from the science fiction collection "Cats In Space" edited by Bill Fawcett.

First is the collection of poems "Tales of a Starship Cat" by Judith R Conley. 

Second is the short story "Space-Time for Springers" by Fritz Leiber. 

After some announcements, our third reading is the short story "Who's There" by Arthur C Clarke. 

Finally we end with a little Hawaiian music.

Scams to watch out for... (4/ 26/18)

Today the Yolo County District Attorney's office has sent Christine Fitzgerald (investigator in their Criminal Investigations Bureau) and Diane Ortiz (a Deputy District Attorney) to tell us about how to keep ourselves and our 'identities' safe.  That is, to warn us of what scams and frauds are currently being deployed against the citizens of our area, what we can do to avoid being a target, and where to call if something does happen.

Jed Alexander, author of "Red" (4/19/18)

Jed Alexander has his new book out -- "Red!" -- a mostly-wordless book for young children.  This re-telling of the fairytale 'Little Red Ridinghood' has a twist and a MUCH better ending!  Currently available at The Avid Reader and soon available nationwide. 

Moving from illustrations to making children's books, Jed funded his first book thru a kickstarted campaign and published "Mostly Wordless" about 4 years ago. 


The City of Davis: a Longer View -- with outgoing mayor Robb Davis (4/12/18)

Robb Davis will be leaving his position as the Mayor after the June election.  Here we ask him to talk about The City of Davis -- a Longer View

What  does he see as the status of the community?  What things are moving in the right direction? What areas still need work?

Bats, bats, and more bats -- with Corky Quirk (4/5/18)

Corky's back!  To talk to us about bats, bats, and more bats!  -- primarily the Mexican Free-tail Bat which is so plentiful under the I-80 freeway at the causeway.  Size, shape, habit -- all the things that one can know about these insect-devouring friends -- that's what Corky Quirk has for us today.  And then there are the mysteries that scientists still haven't learns.  The crack in the attached image is less than 2 inches wide.

Genealogy -- Lois' talks about the basics (3/29/18)

Family history -- aka genealogy -- can be a most interesting activity! 

Whether you are looking up your own ancestors, or indexing documents so other researchers can find them, or tidying up the database -- is the place to be.  It is a free online public UNIVERSAL family tree started and maintained by the LDS church.  (Because this database does not share info about living persons, it is useful for searching for relatives and ancestors without having the to worry about identity theft.)  The goal of this site is to be a place where any/every document -- birth certificate, marriage record, death or cemetery papers, census records, obituaries -- can be connected to the people listed therein. 

Today Lois shares how to start and ways to proceed if you are interested in genealogy. 

Solving mysteries and finding connections are most satisfying!

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