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swinging again!

Today I played more swing music from the 30s and 40s.  My dear husband had digitized many old records onto CDs -- so that my Mom could listen to them even tho she had lost much of her vision and couldn't operate a record player any more.  We ended up with 4 CDs, but none of the standard info about the songs.  (So I can't tell you title, artist, or even album/single.)  So let's just enjoy the music ...

Swing music and a sweet landfill project ...

Swing music from the 30s and 40s is the feature today.  (These are song on CDs which had been collected and burned so my Mom could enjoy them in her last years.)  We don’t have info about which vinyl records each song was from, nor titles nor artists.  There are four CDs, so expect another swing show sometime later.

Lois  reports that she and Elizabeth Gould went birding to TEXAS and it was GREAT!

Reading from 2008 blog post in Marijke’s “The Landfill Diaries” about a Yolo County Central Landfill’s project by Don Augenstien and Ramin Yazdani.  Bioreactors extracting methane gas more efficiently are being created and tested -- using minimalist methods that require more subtlety and fewer resources to get to over 90% methane capture. REad the entire post at: (link is external)

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