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That's Rocky Mountain High

A few of you were around in the  70s and 80s and knew John Denver.  For you, here are some of his early songs. 

Some other listeners have never even HEARD of John Denver!  For you, here is an introduction to one of the most influential singers of his time.  I've included some history of John as well as some of his music. 

Today's songs are from his famous  "Rocky Mountain High" album.  (The CD was published by RCA, from recording of the 1972 album by BMG Music.)

That's Genealogy in 2020

Today "Genealogy" means the same as "Family History".  That is, discovering who your ancestors are, where they lived, and (hopefully) find stories to flesh out the  bare bones of the past. Today Lois Richter and Sue Torguson suggest how to get started, where and how to organize your data, some resource ideas, and they share personal stories from their own explorations of years gone by.  Featured are the local Davis Genealogy Club and the worldwide place to share your work as well as regional and topical groups and clubs.  

That's Sweet Honey in the Rock

Today Lois begins with reminiscing about her former bookstore "(Davis Wo-Men's Books), the 1970s, being the Davis distributor of women's music (music made by and for women), the feminist movement, and groups that got started near here then. 

Remembrances lead up to how "Sweet Honey in the Rock" got started in 1973.  Today we listen to their 20th anniversary album "Still On The Journey" (from 1993).  

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