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That's John McNerney, Talkin' Turkey

     Davis employs a wildlife biologist named John McNerney to oversee all things natural in the City.  John  has been on the show several times (all archived for your listening pleasure!). This time our discussion focussed on the turkeys and other 'wild' animals in the City and what people should or should NOT do in their interactions.  Although I hope you will listen to this entire episode; here's the main point Lois got from it -- DO NOT leave out food where the rats, turkeys, squirrels, skunks, opposums, or other animals can get to it.  That includes remnants of cat and dog food, as well as intentionally feeding them. Wild animals that become 'habituated' to people can cause problems.  Ah, you might say, but what about the little birds?  

That's Jeff Shaw

All things media!  That's what we talked about.  Jeff Shaw -- intrepid leader of the KDRT project -- tells us about how it all came to be.  First there was Davis Cable Cooperative (DCC), then Davis Community Television (DCTV), then Davis Media Access (DMA) when we added KDRT (KDRT).  ((No, no one has ever been able to explain what the initial of the radio station mean.  I have my own idea, of course.  "DRT" could mean "Davis Radio Transmission", eh what?))

Where we've been, where we are now, and plans for the future.  Enjoy!

That's Beth Post, Hawaiian Cultural Ambassador

KDRT's Hawaiian expert Beth Post is today's guest. Her radio show "Na Mele O Hawaii" is one of the most popular on this station!  And the story of how it came to be and what changes it has made in her family's is fascinating.

Beth first became involved with KDRT when a  friend started the "Road Scholar" show about home-schooling and needed a back up. Beth and her daughter started helping out and eventually doing it all on their own.  After a few years, the kids got older and that show was no longer of as much interest. 

Beth's daughter went on to school and Beth -- having gotten a taste of sharing on the radio -- was left on her own.  When she approached Jeff about having a new music show, his first question was: "So what kind of music do you plan to play?" 

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