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That's a lovely Flower Arrangement

This week two officers from the Davis Flower Arrangers -- Myra Appel and Stephanie DeGraff-Hunt -- share their passion for floral designing with us.   The club is now holding online meetings and it is going strong.  After recording this interview, Lois joined the September meeting and was impressed with the beauty, knowedge, joy in that Zoom meeting!

The Davis Flower Arrangers Club started in June 1952, and began holding regular meetings on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.  TODAY that same club gathers at the same time for its regular meetings -- 7:00 pm on the first Monday of each month from September thru May.  The members have changed, but the enthusiasm remains the same.  

That's Teenage Gold 1964-1972

Feeling sentimental this week. 

Looked thru the HUGE collections of Golden Oldies I have -- mostly on the compitation CDs in the AM Gold series -- and decided to do a show of some of the songs that were popular when I was in high school and starting college. 

So here you have my own choice for "Teenage Gold" -- songs from 1964 to 1972


That's a Hot Show -- Encaustic

Adele Louise Shaw is an encaustic artist and teacher in Davis. Her work is known world-wide, and her art classes have been drawing enthusiastic students for years. Listen to hear about this fascinating art form -- newly revived in the west, it's origins are over 2000 years old!

What is encaustic? -- the substance, the process, and the finished work all share the same word. Should a piece of encaustic art be flat and painterly or 3-D and sculptural? Should it have bold splashes of color or subtle transparent layers? Since one can include other materials into encaustic, should the art piece then be called "encaustic", "mixed media", or "collage"? Adele will tell us YES! Encaustic art allows freedom of expression on many levels; we are not limited to the 'shoulds' that abound elsewhere.

That's Getting Started with Genealogy

Today Lisa, Jan, and Lois -- three people interested and experienced in Genealogy -- share tips for anyone wanting to study their family's history.  Hear about resources and groups of like-minded-seekers.  From the local Davis Genealogy Club (, to historical societies and other groups focussed on the people of a particular PLACE, to regional groups that can help you find those local resources, to TOPICAL groups (German, adopted, military, railroad, etc), to SURNAME groups, to historical resources (newspapers, indexes, Find-a-Grave), to VITAL RECORDS (birth certificates, marriage records, etc) -- there is lots of information shared in this program.  Also stories about personal experiences that can be either cautions or inspirations.

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