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That's the Margie Adam Series

Replayed on 11-12,  11-19, and 11-26-2020.

Do you know the music of Margie Adam?  She is one of my favorite musicians!  Singer -- songwriter -- pianist -- activist -- feminist ...  the list keeps growing.   Did you know that she lived in Davis in the 1970s?  I had the pleasure of meeting her then, carrying her very first album in my store (Davis Wo/men's Book), and watching her career take off.  She moved from Davis to the Bay Area long ago and toured for many years before changing gears in 2015 to do integrative counseling.

This three-part series features songs from many of her albums -- interspersed with remembrances. Links below to all 3 episodes...

Part 1 =

Part 2 =

That's Wildlife in Davis

  • Wildlife specialist John McNerney has been on my show several times.  This is the 2015 recording of his very first appearance here.
  • On this beginner's show, we talk about managing wildlife habitat in Davis, how planning for wildlife happens, where wildlife typically occur, and what types of animals (both wild and domestic) have an impact on Davis.  Tune in to learn about "neighbors" you likely never knew you had!

That's Kim Stanley Robinson Again

Repeat: "Kim Stanley Robinson Interview" -- originally aired last year, 10/31/2019

Renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson is an opinionated person.  And a thoughful one.  And a great researcher.  But mostly he is a very fine writer.  Of the many many books he has written and published since the 1980s, my favorite is "The Years of Rice and Salt", set in an alternate world where the Plague killed 90% of northern Europe leaving empty land to be resettled by people from further south and east.  This book is a series of about a dozen novellas tied together by a cast of characters who get reincarnated in different parts of the world and different  circumstances and cultures.  A most fascinating book!

That's Voting in 2020

An historic election.  That's what we have this November.   A presidential election in the middle of a pandemic with face-coverings and physical distancing requires a different process be uses to cast our ballots. 

THAT we can vote is never in doubt, HOW we will vote has changed. 

To explain the process (and answer concerns people might have) is Yolo County's Jesse Salinas -- our local elections officer.  If after listening to this show you still have questions, you can contact Mr Salinas and his staff at:

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