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Thats Life: Waterway Cleanup -- A Call to Action!

This Saturday (16 Sept 2017) is the annual California Coastal Clean-up Day and Yolo County areas are included!  Local groups organize various volunteer crews to remove trash from the banks and flood plains of several creeks and streams in the area.  John McNerney (City of Davis) and Amy Williams (Putah Creek Council) explained how what happens here effects the health of our oceans as well as our local fish.  Other area organizations which are leading projects include: Cache Creek Nature Preserve, Putah Creek Trout, River City Rowing Club, Lake Washington Sailing Club, and West Sacramento Bridge District.  If you are out of town that day, there may well be clean up efforts wherever you are -- the California Coastal Commission has information about many areas.

That's Life: Encaustic = art made from hot pots of color!

Adele Louise Shaw is an encaustic artist and teacher in Davis. Her work is known world-wide, and her art classes have been drawing enthusiastic students for years. Listen to hear about this fascinating art form -- newly revived in the west, it's origins are over 2000 years old!

What is encaustic? -- the substance, the process, and the finished work all share the same word. Should a piece of encaustic art be flat and painterly or 3-D and sculptural? Should it have bold splashes of color or subtle transparent layers? Since one can include other materials into encaustic, should the art piece then be called "encaustic", "mixed media", or "collage"? Adele will tell us YES! Encaustic art allows freedom of expression on many levels; we are not limited to the 'shoulds' that abound elsewhere.

That's Life: Fraud and Scams -- Warning from the DA's office

District Attorney officers Kevin Clark and Paul Hillegass came to let us know about the dangers we face from people running scams and trying to defraud us these days.  [I'd thought about calling them the "Fraud Squad", but they are far too serious for such a frivolous title.  Unless, of course, it get folks to listen to their warnings...]

That's Life: UCD physicist Matt Richter

Next Monday is the well-heralded solar eclipse across the US.  Where can you see it? Is it safe to look? What’s happening in Davis? This week (Thursday at 1:00 and Friday at 3:00 pm), UCD physicist Matt Richter will help us understand more about astronomy, eclipses, telescopes, and what the universe is really like. He’ll also brief us on current projects and hopes for discoveries.

That's Life: Anne Cowles on Astrology

Lois’ guest, Anne Cowles, talked about both the eclipse (21 August 2017) and about her belief in astrology. 

We began with an explanation of the mechanics of any eclipse -- three celestial objects lined up so that the one in the middle casts a shadow on the one furthest from the sun -- and discussed the difference between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse.

That's Life: Davis Food Coop

There's probably no more iconic organization in town than the Davis Food Co-op!

Started in 1972 as a buying club by people who wanted great food at good prices and were willing to work for it, DFC has been going ever since.  While this nationally known cooperative has changed over the years -- we now have paid staff, member-work is no longer done, and the store has increased in size several times -- the evolution of DFC has continued to be driven by the membership and their desires.

Listen to Ken Bradford and I'Talia McCarthy talk about the current robust Co-op, discuss plans for the future, and share some stories of the early days.  I'Talia is the Operations Manager (a staff position) and Ken is on the Board of Directors (elected by the membership); she has joined the team in recent years and he has been with the DFC since the 1970s (as has Lois).

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