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Repeat of Margie Adam, part 1, with Don doing pledge week spot

11/21 and 11/28/2019 -- replayed my "Margie Adam, part 1" show.  Don Shor added an opening "donation pitch" for pledge week (when Lois had a cold) and (because Lois wasn't here to change the Alt settings) this same show played for our Thanksgiving break. 

(Although we only get on air and actively solicit donations  during our pledge weeks, you can actually support us anytime!  Just go to to help out.)


That's Margie Adam, part1

Do you know the music of Margie Adam?  She is one of my favorite musicians!  Singer -- songwriter -- pianist -- activist -- feminist ...  the list keeps growing.   Did you know that she lived in Davis in the 1970s?  I had the pleasure of meeting her then, carrying her very first album in my store (Davis Wo/men's Book), and watching her career take off.  She moved from Davis to the Bay Area long ago and toured for many years before changing gears in 2015 to do integrative counseling.  Today' program featured pieces from three early albums -- "Margie Adam. Songwriter", "Naked Keys", and "Soon and Again" -- interspersed with remembrances and readings from some of Margie's essays.  We didn't get too far today, so look for a 'part 2' in later weeks.

That's New!

This week Lois read the promo paragraphs on some of the stations many CDs.  Where there were no promo stickers, she read the title and described the cover art, or read from the inside text.  Why? Just as a teaser for folks to come and buy CDs at the garage sale on 16 November. 

BUT... It turned out that she was looking in the WRONG BOX and the items read in this show were NOT FOR SALE. They are all still available to play on-air by any DJ who wants to play them.

So... If you hear something interesting here, contact your favorite DJ and request that band be included it in a future show.

PS: The image is not THESE actual items, just a picture of one display that was at our garage sale.

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