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That's New!

This week Lois read the promo paragraphs on some of the stations many CDs.  Where there were no promo stickers, she read the title and described the cover art, or read from the inside text.  Why? Just as a teaser for folks to come and buy CDs at the garage sale on 16 November. 

BUT... It turned out that she was looking in the WRONG BOX and the items read in this show were NOT FOR SALE. They are all still available to play on-air by any DJ who wants to play them.

So... If you hear something interesting here, contact your favorite DJ and request that band be included it in a future show.

PS: The image is not THESE actual items, just a picture of one display that was at our garage sale.

That's Kim Stanley Robinson

Renowned science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson is an opinionated person.  And a thoughful one.  And a great researcher.  But mostly he is a very fine writer.  Of the many many books he has written and published since the 1980s, my favorite is "The Years of Rice and Salt", set in an alternate world where the Plague killed 90% of northern Europe leaving empty land to be resettled by people from further south and east.  This book is a series of about a dozen novellas tied together by a cast of characters who get reincarnated in different parts of the world and different  circumstances and cultures.  A most fascinating book!

That's the Blue Mango

This weekend marks the 40th anniversary for Davis' legendary Blue Mango -- a creative hub, community gathering space, wonderful place to eat!  In this show, Lois interviews some of the founding members of the Blue Mango -- Maura Metz, Ken Kemmerling, and Russell St. Claire. Lots of remembering here!  The show was created particularly to invite YOU to Saturday night's Blue Mango 40th Anniversay Celebration for all folks who were ever involved -- cooking, serving, eating, playing, listening, dancing, or whatever!

That's the Sharp End of Life

Dierdre Wolownick, author of  "The Sharp End of Life", shares her stories and introduces us to her son, Alex Honnold, who not only taught her to climb but is also the central figure in the recent award-winnig movie "Free Solo".  This show will give you a feel for what modern climbing is like and help you know more about this fascinating woman.  Dierdre climbed Yosemite's El Capitan when she was over 60; and is still going strong.

District-based City elections

Councilmember Dan Carson helps us understand WHY the City is changing to District-based elections and WHAT people still have an opportunity to weigh in on (the boundary lines of the districts) and WHEN this process will finish (November 2019).  This isterview cleared up a lot of false rumors that I had heard flying around and convinced me of the urgency of this change. 

NOW is the time to make any suggestions about districting, if you are interested in the topic.

Thanks to Dan Carson for another clarifying interview.

That's Music by Margie, Jake, Anthony, and Jeff

A selection of Lois' favorites from Margie Adam, Jake Shimabukuro, Anthony Pfluke, and Jeff Peterson.

A little talk at the beginning (some ramblings about how different folks view their own religion/ philosophy/ way of life) and then just mellow instrumental music.


That's Jean Minton's All the Sweeter

Jean Minton is another local author and her book is called "All the Sweeter: Parents Share Their Stories of Adopting from Foster Care".  

Adopting children who are in foster care is not a new concept.  This book, however, describes what the current practices are.  County governments partner with many other non-profit organizations who also help facilitate adoptions for children who will not be going back to their own families.  Jean did lots of research about US foster-adoptions and interviewed many families aaround the country to create her book which tells each family's unique story.

Jean shares with us stories of twelve different parent/child/family situation. This book is useful for ALL PARENTS, whether their children are adopted or not.   More info about her book is at: 

That's Lois Reading Spacepaw

Guest cancelled. Had to wing it. Started with some jazz. Then read the opening chapter from Gordon R. Dickson's science fiction classic "Spacepaw" (first published in 1969, paperback published by Ace in 1983) which I had gotten years ago and still like. Another jazz interlude. Then the second reading was from "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff (1982). Jazz played was Louie Armstrong "West End Blues" (from Don Shor's compilation CD); Charlie Parker Quintet "Embraceable You" (from Smithsonian art Institute's "Classical Jazz Album"); and the Gary Mulligan Quartet played "Lullaby of the Leaves" (from "Cool Jazz" album).

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