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That's Mike Pesola again

Construction guru and former KDRT host, Mike Pesola joins Lois to talk about his new book "Courting Sense; the Game Behind the Game of Racquetball".  This is a collections of tales from racquetball which are then related to situations in the business world.  This might seem an odd correlation, but Mike has been playing racquetball as long as he has been in business -- about 30 years -- and has noticed the applicability of lessons from one to the other.  Today's show includes a brief explanation to the game (which was foreign to Lois!) and several readings from Mike's brand new book. reviews this: "A humorous look at the business world as it relates to the game of racquetball; with a few anecdotes thrown in. This book will ring familiar to all of you racquetball players and also will appeal to all of you in the workforce.

That's Father Murphy

Msgr James Murphy is both a Catholic priest and an historian.  Together these passions have led to his writing “Saints and Sinners in the Cristero War: Stories of Martyrdom from Mexico”.  The book recounts the lives of eight people who were involved in a Catholic rebellion against the Mexican Revolution.  In today's interview, Father Murphy gives us the general history of that time in Mexico and explains how the political changes effected (and were affected by) the Catholic church. This is the setting in which to place his stories.

That's John Natsoulas

Todays' guest, John Natsoulas, tells us about "Davis Transmedia Art Walk Tours" and other art in and around Davis.  The Art Walk is a unique method of interacting with the murals, scultures, and other art pieces in Davis.  Each piece has a scannable identifier which allows each viewer to use their phone/tablet to learn more about the work (sometimes including a video of the artist is process) and allows the viewer to leave comments for the artist as well.

John has been involved in many many things in Davis, where he grew up and has lived a full life.  In addition to running his art gallery, John has been active in getting art in public places -- such as many of the mosaics in downtown -- and more recently in adding publicly-viewable murals to private buildings.  

That's Nikki Shannon Smith

Well-loved children's author Nikki Shannon Smith chats with Lois about her books, her career, and life in general.  The book in hand is "Charlotte Spies for Justice: A Civil War Survival Story", which is one of the books in the "Girls Survive" series.  That series has different authors sharing survival stories from different times and places. Nikki's two books are about the Civil War and the sinking of the Titanic.  These books have fictional girls inserted into historically accurate stories; so doing the research for each book is quite a chore.

From life lessons to details of writing, this is a wide-ranging interview.

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