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That's how the DA helps

Two officers from the Yolo County District Attorney's office came today to help us learn how to be safer in our modern world.  Kevin Clark spoke to us today about current risks -- especially with communications such as email and phone -- and how to avoid becoming a victim. Lyndsey Hall told what the DA's office is doing to help victims either recover or minimize the damage done.  Preventative measure to take were shared and places/ ways to get information were offered.

Senior or not, this program can help you stay safer.

Margaret pus macaron equals business

Hometown gal makes good!  And makes good margaron!

     Margaret Waterhouse is the baker and seller of her dessert specialty -- the Margaron -- and the owner of her own two-year-old company, W. Margaron. The W. is for her surname (Waterhouse) and Margaron is a word she made up -- a merging of Margaret and macaron.

That's Gitane

     Gitane is another talk show host here at KDRT.  With her weekly program "Heart to Heart" (live Wenzdays at noon), she has been a mainstay of our station since it first opened.  Listen today to hear about this facinating French woman and stories of how she came to be here and now.  

     Growing up in French Canada, moving to the States, getting a PhD, being a professional when women were scarce in her field, hosting her own show for years on a commercial station in Florida (where she was known as "Dr G"), living in LOTS of places, and being involved in Davis for many years now.  Her first name is Gitane. Her last name is Gitane. Her ONLY name is Gitane! (If I were to try and show the pronunciation, I'd probably write it as  zhe-TAHN [the "G" is soft and the name rhymes with "on"].)  

That's Jesse Salinas

     Yolo County Assessor, Clerk-Recorder, and Registar of Voters.  What a mouthful!  But that is the offical title of Jesse Salinas, who is with us today to talk about elections.  Although we do chat a bit about some of the problems with elections that are in the news from around the US, most of this hour is discussing how we do things in Yolo County (and in California) and why we AVOID all those problems!  In addition to explaining how the current system works, Jesse tells us about new lows that will soon go into effect and what will change because of that.  

    Whether you are a new voter and an old hand, here's the straight scoop about the why and how of voting.

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