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That's Edna's Gift by Susan Rudnick

Susan Rudnick has friends in Davis and is using her visit with them to also have a book signing at Avid Reader -- which is how Lois connected with her.  So Lois' first guest in this new "local author" series is actually from  New York!  

Susan is on a tour to promote her new memoir "Edna's GiftHow My Broken Sister Taught Me to Be Whole".  This book recounts not only many experiences of Susan and her younger sister Edna, but it also delves into the effect their relationship had on Susan all her like.  While never living a "normal" life, Edna lived a life full of joy and inspiration.  

That's Jessica Kelly

Yes, that's the famous Jessica Kelly you hear laughing with Lois today!  Perhaps she might be known as Jessica Rosso-Kelly-Smythe-Jones in the future?  Okay, so that's an "in" joke.  But YOU TOO can be in the "IN" crowd by listening to this program.  

As Jess Goddèsse (Go-DAY), she has a KDRT radio show called "Divine Intervention", and that was supposed to be the topic of today's episode.  And, yes, we do eventually talk about hte show.  But mostly we get cheerfully sidetracked and spend a lot of time laughing. 

Hope you'll join us for some laughs.  Enjoy!

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