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LOIS RICHTER is an active member of the community in Davis, California. In 1980, she started her main company, "The Organizer", to help people keep the papers from taking over their lives. Once the Internet came into being, Lois did website design and taught for many years (thru Davis Adult School, Davis Senior Center, City of Davis, and the Internet Users' Group [IUG]). Semi-retiring in 2009 to help her Mom (who had lost much of her vision), Lois continued to work with a few private clients. After Mom died at age 98, Lois officially retired and began focussing more on making art and on the Whole Earth Festival -- long-time interests that had been put on hold for those last five years.

The UCD Arboretum, Davis Friends Meeting [Quakers], WEF, CWC, KDRT, DMA, Sr Cntr Jewelry Sale, indexing genealogy-related documents for use on FamilySearch.org, and various other volunteer tasks have kept Lois quite busy in recent years. Haiku & haiga, embossed aluminum, encaustic, ATCs, mosaic, and bent-wire sculpture are some of her recent art interests. The latest (and greatest!) is a variation of 'poured acrylics' that Lois calls 'swiped acrylics'. She's continues to teach classes in various art techniques; gives "Bird Talk" presentations; and offers a genealogy workshop on using the universal tree at FamilySearch.org. Lois is currently planning on making a YouTube video of her talk on "How I Beat Diabetes" -- hint: walking for five minutes every hour is key.
Lois is available to do presentations/workshops for other groups also. Phone/text to 530-902-0209.
ZOOM training also available -- help getting on, setting up your equipment, and starting/hosting your own meetings. (That's new in 2020.)

In addition to her volunteer work, KDRT programs, and art activities; Lois keeps a home with her husband (Jim Drummond), watches birds, takes photos, pets kittens, plays games, sketches, noodles on the computer, and works on her own and others' family history projects.
Lois' personal Gmail account is lois95618 (as of 2020).
Lois' radio show Gmail account is KDRT.ThatsLife (new in 2020)
Don and Lois' joint-show Gmail account is DavisGardenShow (for a long time)
Lois sells her paintings at: http://etsy.com/shop/WithLoveLois
Some photos and other art can be viewed at http://flickr.com/LoisRichter/sets/
Paypal donations/payments can be made at: https://paypal.me/LoisRichter/
Best/easiest/favorite contact is text -- 530-902-0209 (9am-7pm)
ZOOM meetings and one-on-ones upon request.


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