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Davisville, March 19, 2018: Stories from all over wonderful, weird California

For five years, and while living in Davis, Sam McManis wrote a column about traveling through California for the Sacramento Bee. He went beyond the usual subjects to write about places like Nitt Witt Ridge ( a counterpoint to Hearst Castle), Rancho Obi-Wan, and the Museum of History in Granite, and has collected and updated the best stories in his new book, “Crossing California: A Cultural Topography of a Land of Wonder & Weirdness.” He’s back in the area from his current home in Yakima, Wash., for a book tour, and talks about his stories—and what he’d recommend to travelers who visit Davis—today on Davisville.

The Golden Road for 7:04pm on Mar 16th, 2018

This week on the Golden Road, DJ Rodriguez joins us as we celebrate bass player extraordinaire Phil Lesh’s seventy-eighth birthday. Phil’s birthday was yesterday, March 15th, (Beware the Ides of March!), and DJ Rodriguez thought what better way to salute his special day than by spinning the glorious 1997 Grateful Dead release: Terrapin Station (Limited Edition) recorded live at the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland on March 15th, 1990. Rodriguez sez we are “Gonna honor Phil and I got my multitrack beauty ready to rock.” So get ready to rock and take a your hands out of your pockets and tune in DJ’s Lee and Rodriguez!

Check out "Low Strung" on Listening Lyrics last week!

Doug Kelly stood in for Pieter today to host Low Strung.    Somehow all of these wonderful Yale students fit in our TV studio for a video recording and a live radio broadcast.

Listen above to hear the chaos- special thanks to Live Tracks host Jim Buchanan, Bryce Parker for the video, and our own Preacher for helping with camera.    It takes a village sometimes!    

Special thanks to KDRT operations memeber Diane Crumley for the photo and ushering the group through our space.   And, yes, those are all Cello cases in our video editing area....

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