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Davis Garden Show, Sept. 16, 2021, Brassicas -- a one-plant wonder

'Tis a time of CHANGE!  Weather is cooler, season is later ... For some folks, it's time to cut down the cucumber vines and plant some brassicas. For others (like Don), there are still tomatoes ripening to harvest into October. What's your plan for a winter garden? Now is a good time to plant peas, lettuce, brassicas, and other cool seaon vegetablees.  You can also plan to put "cover crops" on the portion of your summer garden that you don't plan to plant for the winter -- to keep down weeds and improve your soil.

Don's Davis Enterprise article "Of Cabbages and Kings" explains why we can have such a wide diversity of vegetables from JUST ONE SPECIES! -- Brassica oleracea. Here is its little-known history ...  "Strolling along the windswept limestone cliffs of southern and western Europe, in places where salt spray limited the growth of other plants and temperatures were usually mild but cool, one of our forebears evidently noticed that the leaves of a common plant were edible. Bitter, a little skunky smelling, fibrous, but edible. ...  "

That's Life: Plants from San Diego

In August 2021, Lois stayed in San Diego (California) for 2 weeks.  Lots of great things there to enjoy, including walking in Balboa Park!  There were many beautiful flowers -- both in the Botanical  House (see photo) and in people's front yards.  After getting back home, Lois asked Don Shor (a plant expert and former resident of San Diego) what each plant was and if she could grow those San Diego flowers here in Davis.  The answer -- as usual -- was "It depends."  In this case, "It depends upon which species it is and whether or not that one can withstand cold."  

We also talked about why there are so many dead tree stumps on the San Diego hillsides and why there were dead orchards and vinyards along the freeway in the southern San Joaquin Valley.


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