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I'm a journalist at heart, although that's no longer how I earn my living. I started Davisville in 2008 so I could interview people about events, stories and situations involving Davis. My guests so far include town leaders (elected and otherwise), musicians, businesspeople, a former Alcatraz convict, foster parents, students, people who work in the media, authors, a survivor of Auschwitz, a survivor of Jonestown, a World War II infantry combat veteran, comics, the commander of the USS John McCain, a troop of Girl Scouts who ditched their screens every night for a week--basically, anyone doing something interesting with a connection to Davis, especially if the interview has a good chance at presenting new information about whatever the subject is that week.

**Davisville has won six Journalistic Excellence awards from the San Francisco Press Club (in 2018, 2019 and 2020)**


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