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Genealogy -- Lois' talks about the basics (3/29/18)

Family history -- aka genealogy -- can be a most interesting activity! 

Whether you are looking up your own ancestors, or indexing documents so other researchers can find them, or tidying up the database -- is the place to be.  It is a free online public UNIVERSAL family tree started and maintained by the LDS church.  (Because this database does not share info about living persons, it is useful for searching for relatives and ancestors without having the to worry about identity theft.)  The goal of this site is to be a place where any/every document -- birth certificate, marriage record, death or cemetery papers, census records, obituaries -- can be connected to the people listed therein. 

Today Lois shares how to start and ways to proceed if you are interested in genealogy. 

Solving mysteries and finding connections are most satisfying!

Mike Davis, the Mushroom Man! (03/15/18)

Mike Davis, a retired professor from UCDavis, tells us a lot about everyone's favorite fungi -- Mushrooms.  There are THOUSANDS of species in California. This fascinating show includes detailed instruction on how to grow your own!

If you want to know more, look for his book "Field Guide to MUSHROOMS of Western North America".

Davis Wetlands Volunteer Program, John McNerney (03/0/18)

John McNerney from the City of Davis is back.  This time to tell us about the new Davis Wetlands Docent program.  Although the wetlands have been around for many years, the situation has changed and the City is adding a volunteer opportunity -- and now one can train to be a docent and lead tours of the wetlands.  Where, when, who, and how -- it's all in this show.  Want to join in?

Yolo County Womens History Month (02/22/18)

Kate Mawdsley shares the story of "Yolo County Women's History Month" and its current work supporting book purchases for local libraries and Yolo County Archives regarding women in and around this area.  Lots of reminiscences about Lois and Kate's personal experiences with the 'women's movement' and changes in the University and society from the 1970s thru today.  National Women's History Month this year's theme is: "Nevertheless She Persisted -- Honoring women who fight against all forms of distrimination against women".  That derives from Senator Mitch McConnell's complaint about Senator Elizabeth Warren's continuing to read from a letter written by Coretta King after he had told her to stop -- "... She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless she persisted." (He eventually forced her to stop by cutting her off.) That phrase has now become a by-word with many women and a call to us to also persist when we are told not to speak out.

Jazz part 2 -- Women Jazz Singers! -- Back-to-back shows with Don Shor (2/15/18)

Back from last week, Don Shor continues his sharing of Jazz with post-WWII changes and the rising to prominence of women jazz singers -- in particular Ella Fitgerald, Billie Holiday, Lena Horne, and Sara Vaughn.  This show has lots MORE music and far less talk.

Lois' "That's Life" Jazz segments: 1 Feb 2018 and 8 Feb 2018

Don Shor's "Jazz After Dark" show: weekly on Tuesdays from 8:00-9:00 pm; repeats on Mondays from 11 to midnight.


Jazz part 1 -- From the Beginning, with Don Shor (2/8/18)

Back-toback shows with Don Shor about JAZZ!  Not the apple -- that would be on the "Davis Garden Show" (where Don and Lois are co-hosts) -- but the music.  Don hosts a weekly KDRT radio show on Tuesday evenings called "Jazz After Dark" and agreed to come today to share with us some of the history of jazz -- up to about WWII  So sit back and listen to the man and the music.

PS: This was so wonderful, Lois asked him to come back next week and do another show focusing on women jazz artists.

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