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Preacher is my name and not my title. A nickname given to me when I was a child. Not because I pretended to preach but because when I spoke people would listen, I would sing and people would listen. My childhood was not perfect, in fact, it was rough at times, but I learned words you speak and the music you listen to have power. I grew up in church singing in the choir and I would often sing to my mom when she was down. I saw the words to the song had “power” and it made her smile. Today, as a DJ I am still able to bring joy to many. I can survey a room and know what music to play that will make the room want to listen. Either at weddings for that first dance with your life partner or at an anniversary party where you are celebrating one of a thousand dances over the lifetime together. Along with being a DJ, I also officiate weddings and I host a local Trivia challenge, sharing humor, knowledge and fun. My true passion is inspirational speaking, especially to youth. I love to motivate and help them find the power within themselves. My job now is to bring the power of music over the airwaves.


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