Sports Focus Recap

Sports Focus Recap as a radio program will focus on four categories related to sports and social issues:

1) Local Sports Recap. Each week we will recap the local team sports in the area from the lower levels to the college level with a focus on Davis sports and how they affect the community as a collective group.

2) Sport Interview. Every week the goal is to interview a current or former coach or player from the surrounding area. The interview will dive into personal experiences while helping inform the listeners of the current sports schedule in the area

3) Professional sports focus and social issues debated. Each week we will talk and discusses the professional games, events and controversy surrounding Pro sports. The aim of each show is to examine different perspectives of a variety of issues related to sports in society.

4) Phone Calls. Each week the show will try to end with Phone calls from the public. It is the goal of the show to respect all perspectives with the hope of understanding and possible growth.

Music programs are only online for two weeks after they are broadcast.
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Very proud of you. I know my mama would say well done. Keep doing what you are doing . Be blessed I love you and your spirit.

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