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Nursery pro Don Shor has been gardening and selling plants in Davis for more than three decades. Join Don and co-host Lois Richter as they discuss and answer your questions on all things for the garden. To submit a question (or a brag!) send to gmail.com for DavisGardenShow.

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Davis Garden Show, July 1, 2021 -- What's a hybrid?

What's a cultivar? What's a hybrid? What's a selection? What's a variety? We get a long answer to a short question about Ceanothus "Concha" and Ceanothus "Ray Hartmann."

Also today we have a discussion of soil pH (probably not the problem in the situation described); the challenges of planting in compost instead of soil; raised planter woes; and  details on local water issues and Davis' good situation. 

Davis Garden Show, June 24, 2021 -- perennials or reseeders?

"See you again next year!"  Today we discuss Don's list of Favorite Summer Perennials, and then we start going through his list of plants that "reseed freely." Both strategies mean we will see the same species in our garden year after year -- with perennials the plant stays in the same place, with re-seeding the species moves around (and sometimes changes color). We also discuss common name confusion, weed cloth over plum tree roots, the city's "Tree Watering" flyer, fruit set on tomatoes and zucchini and their expected yields, and (as usual) the weather and how it is affecting our plants.

Don Shor and Lois Richter are your hosts each week on the Davis Garden Show. To submit a question, email them at DavisGardenShow@gmail.com

Davis Garden Show, June 17, 2021 -- Leave It To Beaver

Did your tree-removal company leave you with a bunch of chips?  Stump grinding can lead to problems with your replacement bushes. How, you ask?  Listen up!  

Don Shor and Lois Richter answer garden questions -- including dealing with drought, lawns, ant farming, ant management, mistaken culprits, and more. Ask your questions by emailing us at DavisGardenShow@gmail.com.

Davis Garden Show, June 10, 2021 -- Herbaceous Fall Flowers

Cool week ahead!  But we still have watering challenges. A few questions (about new plantings and fungus gnats) lead to several important discussions about:

  • Proper planting techniques (why planting trees ONLY with native soil is so important);
  • How roots grow (and get damaged), and how that shows up in a full-grown tree;
  • Home remedies (which have no research done on them and are NOT labelled for pesticide or herbicide use).

A large portion of the show is a discussion of each of Don Shor's 20 Favorite Summer Herbaceous Perennials. An "herbaceous perennial" is a plant that blooms every year but dies down every winter (different from a shrub, bush, or tree). These twenty bloom from the late summer into the fall.  (We only got part way thru before running out of time, so listen to the 24 June show for the rest of the story.)

Davis Garden Show June 03 2021 -- Weather-related Troubles, Easy Vines, Raccoons

Weather-related troubles:  Can X veggie take full sun?  Should we "shade" our tomato plants?  Don says "no".  There's a difference between hot sun on the foliage and the sun-scald of ripening fruit.  Can we keep our trees alive in this year's bone-dry ground?  Signs of stress to look for, and what to do to help while watering most effectively.

Easy vines to cover a fence, wall, trellis  ... including "Cup and saucer vine" (Cobaea scandens) pictured here.

"What's digging up my plants at night?  Not eating them; just digging down underneath and pushing them out."  Raccoons might be digging up the blood meal fertilizer.  What?  They're smelling the blood meal that's UNDERGROUND!!?!  Yep.  On a brighter note, Don is growing tomatoes in a gopher-infested plot -- successfully!

Davis Garden Show, May 27, 2021 -- Questions Answered

Water, water, everywhere! "How much? How often? What happens if I get it wrong?" A large part of today's show is devoted to "basic watering knowledge" and also specific differences for watering in this drought year.

Plus we get LOTS of questions answered! Scorched leaves, geranium budworm, upright evergreen tree suggestions, and more. Lois wanted to know how to tell which plants will die if cut down and which will re-sprout. Don's answer is "It depends. ..." Well, he was a little more specific -- "It depends upon the general structure of that plant."

In all, another fact-filled Davis Garden Show with Don Shor and Lois Richter.

Davis Garden Show, May 20, 2021 -- Melons, et cetera

MELONS! Kids love to plant them; they take over large areas; they all do well in Davis; and it's not too late to transplant them. The same goes for other cucurbits -- zucchini, cucumbers, pumpkins and other squash. Why do the recent cold nights cause problems for one species and not another? Is this spring's weather "typical"? IPM = IVM???  Hmmm... 

Don Shor and Lois Richter use this episode of Davis Garden Show to explore a wide range of topics: growing melons, moss, low care roses, weeds, and more!

Davis Garden Show, May 13, 2021, Tips For Low Water Gardening

As always, Don Shor and Lois Richter start by answering current questions.  Then the main portion of this show is especially timely in May 2021 as we review "12 Tips For Low Water Gardening."  

What are those 12 tips?  1. Water right.  2. Zone your plants by water need.  3. Water thoroughly.  4. Mulch well, mulch wisely.  5. Water your fruit trees like an orchard!  6. Reduce your lawn area.  7. Maybe get a "Smart timer."  8. Change your type of grass.  9. Rethink your lawn: consider a meadow.  10. Choose plants that use less water.  11. Consider California and southwestern [and other "Mediterranian" climate] native plants.  12. Think local -- use UCD Arboretum resources!  Bonus 13th tip:  Don't forget succulents!

Davis Garden Show, May 6, 2021 -- opportunities in May

Don Shor and Lois Richter talk about May garden activities, some late-season disease issues, ten tips for easy gardening, and more.

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Davis Garden Show, April 29, 2021 -- TOMATOES! part 4

Today Don Shor and Lois Richter offer their final segment about "Tomatoes." Actually, no show about tomatoes is really final, as that is a popularly requested, frequent topic of discussion on the Davis Garden Show. But this is the 4th part of a 4-part series on tomatoes done in spring 2021.

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Don and Lois,

Hi! I have some exciting news to tell you. As I was opening my bedroom mini blinds, I happened to look down on my window sill into the pot I had planted the egret flower bulbs in. There inside the pot was a little green shoot poking out of the soil! I am very excited that one is actually growing. I have been very nervous about this. On a side note, my nearly three year old daughter (you could probably hear her in the background when I had called in) is very interested in gardening. She is a huge help to myself and Eric. She can plant bulbs, cuttings, and seeds. She can also water plants which she does very carefully. She would enjoy getting her hands into the soil (she calls it that and not dirt.) She has some small plants of her own which Eric gave her (he gave me more for my birthday which I am enjoying.) I reccomend that if anyone has child(ren) that are interested in gardening, nurish that interest and let them help you safely with your garden. Thank you both for answering my questions. Your answers are helpful.

-Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! I had to share with you two gardening miracles. I can not think of another word to descibe these wonders of my potted garden. Not only is my gerbera daisy blooming after over four years since it last bloomed, but now my butterfly iris are also blooming after an even longer time since they last bloomed. I have done nothing new to them myself, however during the early Fall Eric did give them some compost tea. I also moved to my new home about eight months ago. Plants do seem to be thriveing here and not just for me. Could these gardening miracles be due to our microclimate, the compost tea, both, or something else? On a side note, my Egret Flowers are going to arrive within a week. Is there anything special I need to know about their care?

-Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! Thank you so much for letting me talk on your show. That made more than my day. It was also great talking to you Don the day you had Laryngitis. Both times were very helpful to my gardening. I look forward to hearing what Eric thinks of my question and your answer when he hears the podcast of the February 17th podcast of your show. I was recently stareing at my potted bulb garden, when I noticed that one of my irises had grown larger than last year. From my observations of bulbs, corms, etc., it seems to me that these plants need to be larger before they will bloom. That is to say a bulblet is not likely to bloom until it is closer to full size. Is this true?

-Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! Thank you for mentioning on your show my comment about Egret Flowers. I found it really exciting that my comment and Eric's questions shared the same day of your show. As for the Western Garden Book, I had been wanting my own copy of it, but found it too pricey to buy at this time of my life. Eric knew how much I missed having a copy at hand (my father has a copy that I used to bury my nose in often.) So Eric surprised me with a copy of it for Christmas. Eric and I are having lots of fun reading and learning from our copies of the Western Garden Book. I am looking up in it all of the plants in my potted balcony garden. Mine has a place of honor on one of my kitchen counters near some plants. My first official Horticulture class used the Western Garden book as our text book too.

-Robin in Southern California

Don and Lois,

Hi! I remember Eric sending you a picture of a flower that he wanted identified.It looked like a white bird in flight. It turned out to be an Egret Flower. It just so happens that I received a catalog, that I do not remember having ordered, which showed the Egret flower on one of its pages. I have ordered two of them and would like to share the name and website of the company that sells them in case any of your listeners are interested in buying them. The company is called Van Bourgondien. Their website is: www.dutchbulbs.com. I look forward to my Egret Flowers arriving soon. I am also looking forward to another year of your wonderful gardening show!

Don and Lois,

Hi! I forgot to sign my name to the above comment. Please mention me as Robin in Southern California. Thank you.

How can I get to watch Megan perform ??? She said I could ,but cant get it to come up.
She is so cute.

Don and Lois,

Hi! I have some suggestions for last minute gifts that your listeners may be interested in. CafePress.com has beautiful as well as humorous t-shirts. This includes t-shirts for gardeners includeing special ones for Master Gardeners. They start at $9. These are both in mens' and womens' styles and sizes. Eric just reminded me that our local botanic garden, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, has great holiday gifts too in their gift shop. He suggested I mention that public gardens in your area likely do the same thing. He also suggested that I mention the possibility of classes for the public to attend at your local public gardens. RSABG has these. Just something you might find of interest, I am a volunteer at RSABG, though I have not volunteered as much recently as I used to. You learn a lot volunteering. Thank you again for answering my questions. You both are great.

-Robin of Southern California

Hi! Thank you for answering my last question. I found your answers very helpful and useful. I am currently relistening to the podcast where Eric called in. Hopefully one day I will do that too and then you can hear my voice. As far my question, i would like to know more about the 'Princess Maxine' rose. Eric bought it for me, but I can not find any information about it. What catagory of rose is it. Anything else you can tell me would also be helpful and useful. Roses are my specialty, but this has me stumped. It has lovely tiny light pink blooms. I have a picture of it, however it is not very clear. By the way, i am now working with Eric. He has hired me and i so enjoy working with him. Something else you might find interesting to know, Eric taps my mind for plant and gardening information, but I can not answer everything. So your answers are beneficial to the both of us. i am so excited that you answered my last question, that i look forward to your answer to my new question. your garden radio show is the best gardening radio show out there!

Robin, Southern California

Hi! This is my first time writing to you, but I have been listening to your podcasts for a few months. I have a question about Irises for you, however I should mention that Eric in Southern California who has been e-mailing you is someone I know very closely.In fact he is the person who introduced me to your podcasts. I love it that you bring his questions onto your show. I feel such pride. As for my question, how do you get Irises (gladiolus too) to bloom again? I have a large pot where I have most of my bulbs planted. They all grow lovely leaves, but haven't flowered in several years. Thefreesias bloom year after year, but not the irises or gladiolus. I have them planted in a mix of potting soil and I now use Spray and Grow to fertilize.

Robin Winderman

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