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The award-winning youth radio show and podcast, Timeout Radio, covers a range of topics of interest to teens. Broadcasting from Davis, California, the show has a mix of in-depth reporting, interviews, music, and a place of the week. Inquisitive teens interested in sports, travel, and learning about the world will enjoy getting to know host Rohan and his fascinating line-up of insightful guests.

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Timeout Radio is the winner of the:

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* 2022 National Hometown Media Award, Alliance for Community Media

* 2022 & 2023 San Francisco Press Club Greater Bay Area Journalism Award

* 2023 John Drury High School Radio Award

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84. UC Davis Football Robbed Yet Again of Playoff Berth?

UC Davis football color analyst Scott Gordon returns to the show to recap a rollercoaster 2023 season which saw the Aggies finish with a 7-4 record (5-3 in the Big Sky Conference), but not good enough for an FCS Playoff bid. We discuss the controversy of the Ags not being selected in the 24-team playoff field by the FCS committee over certain teams for the second year in a row. We also look ahead to next season, with key offensive players Lan Larison and Miles Hastings leading the charge, and how the Aggies can start off faster in 2024.

83. Running on Empty

Soccer demands a lot from your body. Hear about soccer pre-game routines such as the FIFA 11+ Dynamic Warmup which is easy to learn, takes only 20 minutes, and increases motor control and strength. Drs. Tammy Ng and Jake Petersen share ways to eat and hydrate for peak game day performance, how to handle eating for early morning practices when your stomach is still trying to wake up, and why athletes shouldn't wait until they are thirsty to drink water. Then visit Zurich, the Swiss city that is home to the FIFA Museum, Albert Einstein's alma mater, 1200 public drinking fountains, and the largest techno street party in Europe.

82. Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies have been quite the phenomenon for decades. Find out why people are so fascinated with these ghoulish walking corpses and how their origin goes back to Creole traditions and religious customs brought to Haiti by enslaved people from West Africa. Maria Contreras Tebutt from the Bike Campaign tells us about the zombie apocalypse that rolls into Davis over Halloween weekend — the Zombie Bike Parade. Then travel to Haiti, the land of the mountains and home to the legend of the zombie, vodou, rhinoceros iguana, and djon-djon.

81. Why Pickleball is a Smash Hit

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the United States. It does not involve any actual pickles and the goal is to hit a lightweight perforated ball back and forth with paddles over a low net, avoid "the kitchen", hit a "flapjack" when needed, and not get "pickled". Hear how pickleball got its start during a lazy summer 60 years ago, how it got its quirky name, and what led to its rapid spread over the last few years. Then visit the state of Washington, the birthplace of pickleball — and home to geoduck (which is not a duck), Hoopfest, gourmet coffee, volcanic peaks and glaciers, whales, and a legendary music scene.

80. Big Red Bus

The Unitrans vintage red London double decker bus is a familiar sight in the city of Davis. It was a big thrill riding on the top deck of that bus as a little kid! Learn about how public transit started in 1826 as an Omnibus that shuttled people to a public bath. Jeff Flynn, general manager of Unitrans, shares how this student-operated bus service logs over 1 million miles a year and carries over 22,000 passengers each day. Then travel to India — home to 92,000 animal species, the wettest inhabited place on earth, a Guinness world record holding bus fleet, a 42,000-mile rail network, and cricket matches that draw 100 million viewers each.

79. Zero Waste Game Day

Athletic events across the United States generate more than 40 million pounds of trash each year. Hear about my internship last season with FC Davis where I worked on ways to get the football club to Zero Waste home games. Jennifer Gilbert, Conservation Coordinator for the City of Davis, tells us about how event planners and each of us can do a better job at reducing what goes into the landfill at events. Then visit Germany which has one of the highest recycling rates in the world, highways with no speed limit, and the highest fan attendance in the world at its professional league soccer games.


78. UC Davis Football 2023 Season Preview

Sports broadcaster Scott Marsh returns to Timeout Radio to preview the upcoming UC Davis football season set to kick off on August 31st as the Aggies head to Dallas to take on the Texas A&M Commerce Lions. We go into depth about the expectations for the Aggies this season, the difficulty of their schedule, new positional changes on the team, and what Aggies fans should be on the lookout for. Scott is the play-by-play voice for Aggie football and was on episode 55 last year where he shared his journey as a sports broadcaster, from his start at UC Davis’ student-run radio station KDVS to his current job at SacTownSports 1140 AM KHTK.

77. FC Davis' 2023 Season

Football Club Davis is a semi-professional soccer team founded in 2017 and based in Davis, California. FC Davis owner Adam Lewin returns to the show to recap an eventful 2023 season. We talk about the adversity that both the men's and women's teams faced this season and how the program will continue to grow for years to come. We also look ahead to next season, which sees the Lions joining the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) for the fall 2024 season.

76. Inside the 49ers with Cam Inman

I just returned from the 72nd annual California Scholastic Press Association workshop. This is a 2-week hands-on summer program for high school journalists taught by media professionals. We completed dozens of assignments that ranged from sports writing to a simulation of breaking news where we sprinted across campus close to midnight to interview sources! I learned from professional journalists who work in print, digital, TV, and audio media. One of the journalists I met there was Cam Inman who tells us about his journey to covering the San Francisco 49ers for the San Jose Mercury News, his advice to aspiring sports broadcasters, and what 49ers fans can expect this upcoming season.


75. It's Electric (Part 2)

Did you know that switching from a gasoline-powered car to an electric car can reduce your carbon footprint by half? There are over 10 million electric cars around the world and their numbers are increasing each year. Hear about the 200-year history of the electric car and what led to the decline and then the rise of electric vehicles. Alan Jenn shares how our society can move toward a future that has only plug-in electric vehicles. Then visit Norway, where you will find the highest number of electric cars per capita, fjords, wolverines, the Realm of The Polar Bears, the Midnight Sun, and the Polar Night.

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The topics you cover on this show are so interesting. I learn something new each time!

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Love your choice of music! My favorite part of your show is the place of the week segment.

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Listening to your show right now--sounding good. Just a note to say welcome to the KDRT/DMA family, and I hope your participation brings you happiness!

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