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The award-winning youth radio show and podcast, Timeout Radio, covers a range of topics of interest to teens. Broadcasting from Davis, California, the show has a mix of in-depth reporting, interviews, music, and a place of the week. Inquisitive teens interested in sports, travel, and learning about the world will enjoy getting to know host Rohan and his fascinating line-up of insightful guests.

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Timeout Radio is the winner of the:

* 2020 Youth Summit Pitch Contest Grant, Points of Light Foundation

* 2022 National Hometown Media Award, Alliance for Community Media

* 2022 & 2023 San Francisco Press Club Greater Bay Area Journalism Award

* 2023 John Drury National High School Radio Award

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67. Fueling the Teen Athlete

If you’ve been listening to Timeout Radio for a while, you’ve probably picked up that we have a lot of episodes that focus on sports. Its time to look at what fuels athletes and because this show is for teens, we focus on nutrition for youth athletes. Sports nutrition expert Dr. Liz Applegate tells us about her top tips for teen athletes to reach peak performance, the scoop on protein shakes and energy drinks, and how chocolate can boost sports performance. Then visit Sweden, the first country in Europe to create national parks. Learn about Sweden's efforts to save the endangered Arctic fox and why dazzling northern lights fill the sky in the country's Arctic north.

66. All-Star Break with Jason Ross

I start my weekday mornings listening to “The Carmichael Dave Show with Jason Ross"  before I head out to school. This episode features sports broadcaster and UC Davis graduate, Jason Ross. Jason is the program director at Sactown Sports 1140 KHTK and has worked in sports broadcasting for close to three decades. He has been broadcasting Sacramento Kings basketball since 1994, and connects with his radio and television audiences in a way that is relatable, likable, informative, and honest. Jason and I discuss this Sacramento Kings season through the NBA All-Star Break.

65. Keeping Tahoe Blue

Just two hours east of Davis in the Sierra Nevada mountains lies the largest alpine lake in North America. The transparent cobalt blue waters of Lake Tahoe are almost as pure as distilled water. However, over the past 50 years the lake has lost about one-third of its clarity. Meet Chris Joseph from Keep Tahoe Blue and learn about the many threats to the blueness of the lake and what we can do to keep it pristine and clear. Explore some of the clearest and bluest lakes around the world from New Zealand to Siberia. Then travel to Lake Tahoe to kayak in Emerald Bay, hike through Desolation Wilderness, meet a fish called Tessie, and help preserve the natural wonder of this sparkling azure Lake of the Sky.

64. College Radio

In a world saturated with online music apps and podcasts, college radio’s free spirit and eclectic programming cuts through the noise. There are more than 600 college radio stations in the United States and they play a critical role in giving airtime to emerging musicians and local broadcasters. Patrick Figueroa, sports director at KDVS 90.3 FM at the University of California Davis shares how the campus radio station teaches students broadcast production skills and provides its audience with diverse, noncommercial, and freeform radio. We then travel to Argentina — home of one of the oldest university radio station in the world, the highest and lowest points in the Southern Hemisphere, soccer legends Messi and Maradona, and a national sport called duck.

63. There’s a Stat for That

Numbers are everywhere in sports, both on and off the field. Team managers look at player stats to scout athletes, coaches use analytics to figure out play calls, and many athletes track their performance to fine-tune their skills. Statistics is used in fantasy leagues and sports betting to predict the outcome of a game. Chris Harden shares how he combines his love of sports, statistics, and computer science in his job as a sports data scientist at ESPN. Then visit the state of Connecticut, home to the oldest newspaper in the country, the first American dictionary, Mark Twain, hot lobster rolls, and a pizza called apizza!

62. Celebration and Controversy at the 2022 World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world. The 2022 Men’s World Cup was held in Qatar and 32 countries competed, with Argentina emerging as the winner. We trace the history of the World Cup from its kick-off in 1930 in Uruguay to its 22nd tournament in Qatar and hear about Smart Balls, a folding stadium, a thrilling finale, and allegations of bribery and corruption. Sports writer Evan Ream shares his perspectives as he returns from a World Cup that was surrounded by controversy from the get-go. We then travel to Qatar, where its citizens are a minority, robot jockeys race camels, and the sea meets the desert.

61. On the Gridiron with Gordon

Scott Gordon called UC Davis home football games on ESPN+ this season. I met him when I was shadowing sports broadcasters at the Aggie Stadium press box last month. Scott played Division I football at the University of Arizona and shares his journey to coaching and calling football. His broadcast experience spans the NFL, college football, indoor soccer, River Cats baseball, and high school games. We discuss UC Davis Football's 2022 season and reflect on running back Ulonzo Gilliam's extraordinary legacy after his final season as an Aggie.

60. Turkey Talk

Have you ever wonder how and why the humble turkey became the centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinners? And what’s the deal with the President pardoning turkeys? Biologist John McNerney, who is the City of Davis’ wildlife resource specialist, tells us about Davis' resident flock of wild turkeys and why turkeys are an important part of our ecosystem. Then visit the country of Turkey — which spans two continents, is home to the Blue Mosque and the birthplace of Santa Claus, and where the national sport is oil wrestling!

59. Beneath the Roots (Part 2)

This year California had over 6000 wildfires that burned 300,000 acres across the state. Triggered by rising temperatures, drought, logging, and unattended campfires, these fires caused large-scale deforestation. In the second episode of a two-part series on reforestation, we hear about efforts to replenish California's urban and rural forests that have their roots right here in Davis. Erin Donley Marineau shares how Tree Davis enhances and expands our community's tree canopy. Jimi Scheid from the State of California's Department of Forestry and Fire Protection tells us about L.A. Moran Reforestation Center's 100-year journey in replenishing our state's forests.

58. Crossover with Carmichael Dave

Sports talk radio involves discussion of sporting events, and frequently features enthusiastic debate and analysis by both hosts and callers. Listeners tend to build a routine and connect on an emotional level with radio talk show hosts. My morning routine during school days is to tune in to KHTK SacTownSports 1140 AM and listen to The Carmichael Dave Show as I eat my breakfast. There are over 700 FM/AM radio stations in the United States that just cover sports. Dave and I talk about how he got into sports broadcasting, his thoughts on the future of sports talk radio, and how this season is going to go for the Sacramento Kings.

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The topics you cover on this show are so interesting. I learn something new each time!

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Love your choice of music! My favorite part of your show is the place of the week segment.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 06/27/2020 - 4:19pm

Listening to your show right now--sounding good. Just a note to say welcome to the KDRT/DMA family, and I hope your participation brings you happiness!

Submitted by Autumn Labbe-Renault on Fri, 06/19/2020 - 5:13pm

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