Imagining Yolo Davis

Imagining Yolo Davis interviews citizens (imaginers) of this community who are imagining projects that will affect all of us for the greater good. From recycling, music, community groups to park clean-up groups ... the list goes on — private imaginers using their talents to enrich our community.

What makes these imaginers tick and what is so important? The health and well being of our community.

The goal of Imagining Yolo Davis is twofold: first, to learn about a particular project and what motivates the imaginer's participation, and second, to to motivate other imaginers in our community.

This show airs Fridays at 5:30 p.m. on KDRT. Repeats are available on or on your favorite podcast app.

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Torin Dunnavant of Tree Davis, on Imagining Yolo Davis, Sept. 8, 2023

Torin Dunnavant, executive director of Tree Davis, shows us how to keep our towns really "cool." Tree Davis has more than 13,000 witnesses standing guard around Yolo County (that's how many trees they have planted to date). Listen in today on Imagining Yolo Davis as he discusses its many programs, such as tribute trees, memorial groves, education programs, and so much more.

As Tree Davis says on its website, its mission is "to improve the health and resilience of our communities by enhancing and expanding climate-ready trees and landscapes through direct action, community engagement, and advocacy."

Kate Laddish explains In Home Supportive Services and Democracy Winters

Kate Laddish has many interests and passions, and today she talks with us about two: Yolo County In Home Supportive Services, better known as IHSS, and Democracy Winters, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to preserving democracy.

Both organizations deserve a second look, and here is an opportunity as Kate shares her insights into both.

Songs that focus on helping others, on Imagining Yolo Davis, Aug. 11, 2023

This week I am playing some tunes with a focus on helping others. It's interesting how a song can literally change its meaning when you listen to it with the idea of volunteering. Listen with a need from the individual or the community in mind.

Community Harvest of Davis, on Imagining Yolo Davis, July 28, 2023

Join us as John Aubert and co-founder Greg Gibs talk about the truly awesome Community Harvest of Davis, a nonprofit run by volunteers that harvests fruit from residential trees and donates it to agencies that feed people in need. Both guests are members of the group's board.

Community Harvest donates to Davis agencies, primarily the Short Term Emergency Aid Committee, with any excess going to the Yolo Food Bank and local churches. Its mission "is to provide food for people who need it, promote sustainable use of urban resources, and contribute to a stronger community." As of fall 2017, the charity had donated more than 250,000 pounds of fruit, and had a donor database of 200+ homes and more than 400 volunteers, including including members of 11 UC Davis service groups.

Pamela Cohen shares the story of the Purple Tree Cafe, on Imagining Yolo Davis, July 21, 2023

Pamela Cohen, founder and board member of Purple Tree Cafe, shares the story of the Davis nonprofit on the latest Imagining Yolo Davis.
Purple Tree Café creates community-based employment for people with disabilities and brings people with and without disabilities together through food, art, and music. It offers handcrafted vegan and wheat-free baked goods, and organic iced tea and other beverages, at the Davis Farmers Market and other events, often serving from its signature bicycle-driven coffee cart -- an icon in bike-friendly Davis.

Paul Simon explains his vision of mortality, June 30, 2023

This week's guest is Paul Simon via his latest musical release, Seven Psalms. By sculpting his lyrics into his music, he explains his thoughts on mortality and his observations on life. This album has no majestic orchestrations as in Bridge Over Troubled Water, or snappy happy dance tunes, as so many of his songs do. Mr. Simon shares his thoughts and asks you to listen.

I imagined myself listening under a canopy of stars. He brings up reflections of his life we all see and feel in our own lives, and he admits we all interpret in our own way. His version is facinating.

Imagining Yolo Davis, June 23, 2023: Cathi Schmidt of Make It Happen for Yolo County talks about this essential organization

You're on your own for the first time when you turn 18 and transition from foster homes to the adult world. This nonprofit stands to help. Executive Director Cathi Schmidt explains how:

Make It Happen for Yolo County provides underserved youth in Yolo County who are transitioning into independent living situations with furniture, household goods and resources to furnish their first apartment or home. We also offer them support and advocacy.

This broadcast is also available as a podcast on Spotify under Imagining Yolo Davis or on Apple Podcasts.

Imagining Yolo Davis, June 2, 2023: The Davis Music Fest with Kyle Monhollen, executive director

Kyle Monhollen reviews the 2023 Davis Music Fest and the role of volunteers.

The event's website says the Davis Music Festival (June 16-18 this year) is "a multi-venue multi-genre live music event showcasing local, regional and touring artists – all to benefit local arts nonprofits. It’s like our own version of SXSW in a single weekend, and for a great cause! This event is all ages. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. The festival takes place rain or shine. 

"DMF is a production of the Davis Live Music Collective and is presented with the generous support of our sponsors, members, individual producers and community partners. DMF is supported, in part, by a Sacramento Foundation Arts & Culture Grant and the City of Davis."

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