Fighting for the Future of the Internet with Leticia Miranda

To hear the entire show, CLICK HERE. My guest Nov. 10 on No Country For Young Men was Leticia Miranda of Media Literacy Project. She is organizing around a dramatic public hearing on the Future of the Internet at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque on Nov. 16. The event will feature FCC commissioner Michael Copps and hundreds of locals will be offered a chance to testify about their support for (or, in theory, opposition to) Open Internet principles. Check out the video Leticia appeared in recently, trying to take back the "Rule the Air" theme from Verizon and rethinking it as "Free the Air" by CLICKING HERE. For the rest of the show,

I mentioned the Federal Government asked for a closed courtroom to protect Goldman Sachs secrets. A publication called Broadcast Engineering buried the real story of Comcast customers cutting the cord in the article -- the average cable TV bill at Comcast is now $129.75 a month. Lastly, I referred to a new article from a journalist friend of mine, Ansel Herz, who reported from Haiti this weekend that as cholera spreads, heavy rains are wreaking havoc in Haitian camps. "They don't do anything for us," Violet Nicola said to him, referring to aid groups. "We never see them." The playlist is available HERE.

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