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Prometheus Radio Says 'Quit Making Us Jump Through Hoops'

To hear Radioactive Gavin's latest No Country For Young Men radio show, from Wednesday morning Dec. 15th, CLICK HERE. Today is Bill of Rights Day! Have you read the Bill of Rights lately? Vanessa Graber from Prometheus Radio Project was my guest. She says Prometheus has been working hard to lift "anonymous holds" placed on the Local Community Radio Act (S. 592) in the Senate. The legislation would allow the FCC to open an application window for as many as 1000 new Low-Power FM licenses, just like KDRT. Senators in Wyoming, Utah and Texas have been convinced to stop "holding" but the latest suspect is Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama. This past Monday Prometheus performed circus tricks including juggling and hula-hooping outside the headquarters of the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington, DC. This trade group led by Clear Channel and

Sacramento's Farsi-Language Radio Back On Air After Robbery, Plus: Tamara Drewe

To hear Radioactive Gavin's latest No Country For Young Men radio show, from Wednesday morning Dec. 8th, CLICK HERE. This week's show featured cinema coverage about Tamara Drewe, playing at The Varsity Theatre in downtown Davis. Read what big-name critics had to say about it after the jump. November turned out to be the lowest ticket sales in 15 years at the

Female Film Critics Respond to 'The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.' Plus: Oak Trees!

To hear the latest No Country For Young Men radio show, from Wednesday Nov. 24th, CLICK HERE. As The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest continues at The Varsity Theatre in Davis, what are women film critics saying about the dramatic conclusion to the Millenium trilogy? Despite being squeamish, I love the key elements of the series: busting up corruption, fighting abuse of women

Owner of 49er Video Talks About Changing Movie Biz

To hear the entire show, CLICK HERE.

My guest Nov. 17 live in the studio was John Merchant, the owner of Davis' own 49er Video. We talked about Blockbuster declaring bankruptcy, Netflix, Redbox, public libraries, cable and satellite television.

Criticism of Netflix is just a blip on the national radar, but censoring content is a serious subject. The movie in question is Trash Humpers, written and directed by provocateur Harmony Korine. Netflix refuses to stock the trashy little movie.

The things is, I saw this movie at South by Southwest 2010 and hated every second of it. Here's an excerpt of what I wrote for Boise Weekly at the time:

Fighting for the Future of the Internet with Leticia Miranda

To hear the entire show, CLICK HERE. My guest Nov. 10 on No Country For Young Men was Leticia Miranda of Media Literacy Project. She is organizing around a dramatic public hearing on the Future of the Internet at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque on Nov. 16. The event will feature FCC commissioner Michael Copps and hundreds of locals will be offered a chance to testify about their support for (or, in theory, opposition to) Open Internet principles. Check out the video Leticia appeared in recently, trying to take back the "Rule the Air" theme from Verizon and rethinking it as "Free the Air" by CLICKING HERE. For the rest of the show,

Jim Ellinger on KDRT: 'Only Radio Goes That Last Mile'

To hear the entire show, CLICK HERE. My guest Nov. 3rd on No Country For Young Men was Jim Ellinger, of Austin Airwaves, who says, "Only radio goes that last mile." Truly a champion of international community radio, Ellinger's travels have covered 300 cities around the world, and 50 countries since 9/11. As I post this blog he is en route to La Plata, Argentina for AMARC X. We talked about his inspiring trips to Haiti and West Africa, as well as the sorry state of student radio in Houston and pirate radio in Austin. As the paperwork for the sale of KTRU to the University of Houston is submitted to the FCC, you can see secret documents uncovered by Jim that show the buzzards have been circling Rice Radio for months. Jim was also on the scene to interview an FCC official as a popular pirate operation in Austin was shut down last week. On Wednesday morning's show I also covered the local election results. You can see the returns from Yolo County by clicking HERE. I've

League of Women Voters of California's Trudy Schafer Interviewed

To listen to the entire show, CLICK HERE. Trudy Schafer of the California League of Women Voters was my guest this morning on No Country For Young Men. I call the interview segment Pushy Questions, though I had a tough time pushing her around since she's been doing this awhile, and I have a lot of respect for the LWV. We discussed the progress of the new Citizens Redistricting Commission, and why the League opposes both Proposition 27 (obviously, considering they helped pass Proposition 11 two years ago) and Proposition 20 (kind of surprising, since it would push for further changes). For more information on her organization, CLICK HERE. Also, on News Undercovered, I talked about the response from PBS to a new study by Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting and the Center for Media Democracy's coverage of a political ad in Nevada encouraging Latinos not to vote. *UPDATE on Wednesday night: 'Don't vote' advocate casts vote!