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Davisville, Sept. 18, 2023: How to reduce all that conflict we're feeling (repeat from 2021)

This program first aired on Feb. 1, 2021

I recorded this soon after Joe Biden became president. The U.S. had just endured a bitterly contested election, and the conflicts that tear at the country showed no signs of going away -- then or now. To do more than separate into groups and shout at each other, we need to do a better job of addressing and resolving conflicts. On this edition of Davisville Kara Hunter, executive director of the Yolo Conflict Resolution Center, talks about how to handle conflict, wherever we find it.

She believes the quantity of conflict might not have increased in recent years, but our exposure to it has. Also, people might have become more comfortable sharing their disdain, disappointment and disillusionment.

Davisville, Sept. 4, 2023: Investors buy land for a ‘dream city’ next door to Yolo County

Fairfield Mayor Catherine Moy was among the first people a few years ago to draw attention to extensive and secretive land purchases in Solano County by Flannery Associates. Who the buyers are, and what they wanted, has now become much clearer thanks to reporting from The New York Times and other media — Flannery wants to build a green “dream city” from scratch on rural, arid land in southeastern Solano County, one of the least-populated parts of the greater Bay Area and Yolo County’s southwestern neighbor. The backers include some of the wealthiest people in America, with ties to Silicon Valley.

Today on Davisville, Moy criticizes the idea, says the opposition is large and growing, and chides the buyers for conceiving big plans involving Solano County while not engaging the people who live there. “I have literally had several hundred people [in Solano County] contact me,” she says, "and about 95, 96 percent want them to go away. For a number of reasons.”

After this interview was recorded, Flannery began saying more about its plans. This SFGATE article has details.

Davisville, Aug. 21, 2023: Editor loves the Aggie, wants students to love it too as she changes it

Sonora Slater is the 2023-24 editor of the California Aggie, whose days as a printed newspaper for students at UC Davis are largely over. It prints 4,000 copies each Thursday during the academic year, and Slater says a lot end up in recycling bins, not in the hands of students. The Aggie has a larger presence online, but many of UC Davis’ 40,000 students don’t seem to know it exists.

Slater intends to change that. She wants to draw students back in, through new products — such as a 15-20 minute podcast twice a week, timed to fit students’ bike commutes — and a larger focus on stories that interest students, not only the journalists. Plus use of Instagram takeovers, use of social media for updating news, new events with student groups, maybe a caption contest ... she has a list. We talk about all this today on Davisville.

The photo shows Slater atop the Hutchison parking garage at UC Davis, a scene recreated on her tote bag.

Davisville, Aug. 7, 2023: Insights from years of helping the homeless in Davis

Bill Pride is retiring this fall, and this is news because he has been really influential in addressing homelessness in Davis, at several levels. He started with Davis Community Meals and Housing 30 years ago as a volunteer with its Saturday meal program, and will leave this fall as its executive director. The nonprofit has helped create 160 units of permanent supportive housing for the homeless in Davis, as well as transitional housing and other services to help people, and has grown along with the need — this photo shows Pride on the fourth floor of Paul’s Place, the DCMH project that opened four months ago on H Street.

Davisville, July 24, 2023: Living in Davis, reporting from Ukraine for NBC

Ukraine is far from Davis, but we reduce the distance today on Davisville by talking with Vince Sturla (pictured in the KDRT studio), a producer for the NBC News program Dateline who has lived in Davis for years. He went to Ukraine last fall to report on the war with Russia, and tells us what he saw.

“These are tough, tough, tough people,” he says. “I was there in November. It was snowing, it was cold, and these relentless missile strikes had really had an impact as far as taking out the electrical infrastructure across the country. [In Kyiv,] folks were typically without power for 20 hours a day. That’s light, electricity, everything.

Davisville, July 10, 2023: Downtown projects propose 460 new homes, 80 new parking spaces

Three separate housing proposals have recently emerged that would add about 460 apartments and live/work lofts at three locations on G Street downtown, from 2nd Street near the Amtrak station north to the former Hibbert Lumber property on 5th. You can find the applicants’ plans and illustrations on the city’s projects website. One feature that immediately stands out is the idea of building most of these new homes without parking for cars.

Our guest today, Steve Streeter, has a background in planning and recently completed two terms on the Davis Planning Commission. He has no stake in any of the proposals. We talk about what’s proposed, context, why these projects are emerging now, and how the city's downtown plan and new state laws that encourage homebuilding are influencing these developments.

Davisville, June 26, 2023: Don Roth, who helped bring major artists to Davis, calls it a career

If you’ve enjoyed a performance at the Mondavi — maybe the Beethoven “Sonatathon,” Bo Diddley concert or the Maria Callas hologram with the Sacramento Philharmonic — today’s guest had something to do with that. This August, after 17 years, Don Roth is retiring as executive director of the Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts at UC Davis. Today on Davisville we talk about choosing performers, the influence of tech, how the Mondavi spent the pandemic, and why pianist Stewart Goodyear’s “Sonatathon” was among Roth's favorite moments.

Davisville, June 12, 2023: As Genentech pulls back from the region, we get an updated look at biotech

Biotech has a major presence in our lives, especially here in the Bay-to-Valley region, even if it isn't as visible as other big influences like housing, traffic, or lately artificial intelligence. Last week, giant biotech company Roche said it plans to pull out of its huge Genentech plant in Vacaville, west of Davis, and today’s Davisville uses the news of that change to update our conversation with Jim DeKloe about biotech: its inventions, careers, potentially enormous impact, potential, and risks.

That plant was a big story when it opened 25 years ago.

Dr. DeKloe, a biotech instructor with a long string of achievements and accolades, started the Industrial Biotech Program at Solano Community College. Stick around for the end, when he draws a lesson from 1970s films Soylent Green and King Kong — he was an extra in both to help pay for his studies at UCLA — on how to address the problems that technology presents.

Program note: You’ll hear barks from a friendly dog during this interview, a sound familiar to anyone conversing (or recording) online while working from home these past few years. The dog is happier, and quiet, starting halfway through.

Davisville, May 29, 2023: Meet Hanna Nakano, The Dirt’s new owner

Hanna Nakano (pictured in KDRT’s studio) is the latest owner of The Dirt, which aims to be the main place for listings and information about concerts, events, shows and other gatherings in and around Davis. The print-and-online publication began in fall 2010. She took charge a few months ago, has made a few changes, and plans to make more. Today she talks about what drives her, how she landed here after working in television back east, an algorithm-free new feature that recommends shows and attractions, and what she’s doing to make The Dirt work.

Davisville, May 15, 2023: Integrating a traumatic week into Davis

How do you make sense of what just happened in Davis? Two people stabbed to death in public parks, and a third person seriously injured. The town’s responses included mourning for David Breaux and Karim Abou Najm, vigils, donations to help Kimberlee Guillory recover from her injuries, and fear, followed by a huge sense of relief when Davis police arrested the suspected killer.

And — now what? How do you find perspective? Listening can be a start. Today on Davisville we talk with Susan Cosio, a retired hospital chaplain, ordained pastor and longtime resident of Davis, who has spent most of her adult life helping people navigate crises.

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