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Divine Intervention Strikes - June 12


Lighthouse album art

Divine Intervention strikes once again at 7p PT on KDRT. This week, we plan on some brand new tunes, including the latest RAWK from '68 and Shred Flintstone, new pop from Palehound, and some wonderful electronic weirdness via new releases from Com Truise and JNTHN STEIN. Our Vinyl Vespers feature looks groovy but is not quite as obscure as we might like. We'll give it a spin during our weekly worship, see where it takes us, hope for the best. Do tune in.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Jun 5


David McCallum cover photo

Tune in for another edition of Divine Intervention, emanating live from Davis, California, on this warm spring day. We'll have new rock/pop, probably some funky soul, and maybe even a little swinging country or jazz. No promises, except for a just-ducky Vinyl Vespers track from the pictured artist. Tune in 7-9p PT, only on KDRT 95.7fm.

Divine Intervention Strikes - May 15


George Liberace cover art

Tonight on Divine Intervention we're flying by the seat of our pants (even more than usual) -- nothing planned except this masterpiece for Vinyl Vespers -- and new music, of course, likely in the rock vein. Don't be surprised if you hear some old-school beats, too. Tune in 7-9p PT to hear what happens.

Divine Intervention Strikes - May 8

Big Organ.jpg

Big Pipe Organ cover art

Man, look at all the KEYS on that thing -- that sure is one big organ, and it's sure to be featured during Vinyl Vespers on Divine Intervention, airing this evening from 7 to 9p on KDRT. Extending far beyond big organs, there will be much new music -- maybe even more than last week, if that's humanly possible. We'll probably start with rock/pop but who knows where we'll end... Tune in and groove.

Album of the Week - Dengue Fever "Escape from Dragon House" - TH May 4


Escape from Dragon House cover art

We can't say it better than Pitchfork did back in 2005, when Dragon House hit the shelves: "L.A.-based band fold Ethiopian touches into a Cambodian style of pop heavily influenced by classic American surf rock and Nuggets-era garage-psych." That about sums it up. Tune in, 5-6p PT, for Dengue Fever on AotW! @JessGoddesse hosts.


Divine Intervention Strikes - May 1


Temptation cover art

You know we didn't play enough new music last time 'round on Divine Interventionand so we'll attempt to make up for that in spades this week. We have SO much new music across genres, if you don't hear something new at least once (or so) per set, then we're not doing our divine task, and you can feel free to holler at the hostesse in the comments. Along with all this newfound fun, we'll "tempt" you with Vinyl Vespers, a'course. Do tune in, 7-9p PT, only on KDRT.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Apr 24

Ivory Tower.jpg

Ivory Tower cover art

Well, the good news is that Vinyl Vespers looks like it won't have a religious flavor -- and we all may be able to glean some beauty tips from what looks to be a god-awful boy band! The bad news is... hmm... don't think there actually is any bad news on the KDRT front... So tune in tonight, 7-9p PT, for another edition of Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention Strikes - Apr 17


Cross of Christ Church Organ photo

No holiday for the wicked -- we'll be live as usual with another edition of Divine Interventionstarring the typical mix of rock, punk, pop, funk, junk...and, of course, Vinyl Vespers, our record-store bargain-bin feature -- if you can identify the image attached to this post, you can extrapolate to determine the artist (no, not a reasonable task). OK, enough of the heavily punctuated claptrap. Just tune in Monday, April 17, 7-9p PT for all the fun your ears can hold.

Divine Intervention Strikes - Mar 27

Alaska Polka Chips.jpg

Alaska Polka Chips cover art

Could we have found a higher-quality image for this week's edition of "Vinyl Vespers"? Short answer is "nope," but the good news is that it may actually be a good bargain-bin find this time around; i.e., GOOD good versus BAD good. Guess we'll have to tune in at 7p PT for Divine Intervention to find out more and to hear some rock, punk, rap, fun, a little country, and of course new music from the likes of Sleaford Mods, Sinners & Saints, Western Addiction...