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Praise Time with Preacher presents the power of gospel music

This show has been gracing KDRT's airwaves since 2017. Check it out at praisetime.

"Host Preacher believes gospel music is powerful, whether the listener is or is not Christian -- that everyone can enjoy listening to gospel because it is uplifting and inspiring, sung with passion and belief from the artist, touching all who hear it in a good and heartfelt way. The aim of the show is to help listeners find what Preacher believes lives in everyone: a good spirit that drives us to be the best we can be."

Each Tuesday at 4, with replays Sunday mornings at 7, or stream it anytime.

Live Tracks, March 16, 2023: The soundtrack of a long-ago party

This edition of Live Tracks commemorates the party thrown when the host was 10,000 days old, 40 years ago this week.

Live Tracks didn't exist for another three decades, but its spirit was alive and well that night. Lava lamps were lit, cool recreational beverages of choice were in good supply, and this week you can hear the soundtrack.

Some songs even have the pops and crackle of well-loved vintage vinyl.

(The photo shows our host in the KDRT studio, on or about day 21,941.)

Monday nights gain some extra Twang

From DJ Dirk, the host of this fine show, newly moved to Monday nights:

"Americana music didn't just show up one day -- the genre has evolved from deep and varied country music roots. Twang Thang explores both the old and the new and a bunch of stuff from the in between. [I take you] on a weekly musical journey that lifts the spirits, gets the toes tapping and, well, hopefully adds a little Twang to your life."

Listen to this week's show. Or sample the archives!

Introducing Crossing Continents, a new show by Gil Medovoy on Mondays at 10 a.m.

KDRT has a new world music program, Crossing Continents, from Gil Medovoy, on Mondays at 10 a.m.

You might know Gil from his years at KDVS. Crossing Continents features music from the Middle East, Mediterranean, North Africa, Central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, both traditional and contemporary.

And -- Gil really knows the subject. Here's his debut episode for KDRT.

Tunes and tales to listen to, as you tend to trick-or-treaters tonight

Halloween is here. Need a soundtrack? Check these out these locally produced shows:

... or just explore KDRT's schedule, find a style you like, and explore. It's like walking up to a house on Halloween when you're a kid. You don't know exactly what you'll get when you ring that doorbell, but you know it'll be a treat.

Davis musician Gary Lee Yoder, RIP: In Oxford Circle, Kak and Blue Cheer, he was part of the 1960s San Francisco Sound

Updated Aug. 13 with link to Live Tracks that featured short talks with musicians who played with Gary, plus information about Davis Music Connections program on Aug. 17

We’re sorry to report this news: Gary Lee Yoder, whose Davis band Oxford Circle became part of the San Francisco Sound in the 1960s, died on Saturday, Aug. 7. He was born in 1946.

Gary lived in Davis most of his life, and continued to perform in town after returning to Davis following his time in the Bay Area.

He was also a member of the Davis High School Hall of Fame as a player on the school’s undefeated varsity boys basketball team of 1961-62.

After Oxford Circle broke up, he and band co-leader Dehner Patten formed Kak. The group played fewer than a dozen concerts but recorded a self-titled LP for Epic in 1969, renamed Kak-Ola when released in expanded form on CD. Many listeners consider it to be an obscure gem from the psychedelic era. A live recording of Oxford Circle was released on CD.

After Kak, Gary recorded solo material, and became a later member of Blue Cheer.

At least three KDRT program hosts plan to play some of Gary’s music:

The Bee's Jack Ohman, newest Pulitzer cartoonist, appeared on Davisville in 2015

Jack Ohman at KDRT Jan 17 2015 copy.jpg

Jack Ohman, for Davisville on KDRT, 2017

The Sacramento Bee's Jack Ohman won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for cartooning on Monday, April 18th. In January 2015, he appeared on Davisville for an interesting interview about subjects ranging from the deaths at the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris (they had just happened), to his work as a writer and cartoonist, the role of a cartoonist, leaving his longtime home in Oregon for California, drawing Gov. Brown, his sense of Davis, and the humor in fly-fishing. Ohman has now earned a distinction shared by the likes of Garry Trudeau, Tom Toles and Pat Oliphant.

Davisville, 3/9/15: Luring people to Yolo County

Davis street scene.jpg

Davis California street scene

Who visits Yolo County, and what brings them here? On the latest Davisville, Alan Humason and Tiffany Dozier of the Yolo County Visitors Bureau provide some answers. The show airs 5:30 pm Mondays, 8:30 am Wednesdays and 7:30 am Saturdays, and I'll link to it in this entry once the show becomes available online 3/16.

Davisville, 9/15/14: Telling a tale, even before you know it

In “round-robin storytelling,” a group of people make up a story on the spot. Sally Parker says the technique is a good way to bust through writer’s block and just a lot of fun, whether you’re a writer or not. Parker presented a session on round-robin storytelling this month in Central Park as part of her Square Tomatoes crafts fair, and will again in October. On the current Davisville, she and program host Bill Buchanan use the technique to make up part of a story on air … and talk about what this kind of storytelling is all about. The show airs 5:30 p.m. Monday, 8:30 a.m. Wednesday and 7:30 a.m. Saturday through Sept. 25, and will eventually show up in the KDRT archives at