Talking Measure A with school board President Richard Harris

This spring, Davis voters will vote yes or no by mail on an emergency, two-year, $200 parcel tax to raise money for Davis public schools. If Measure A wins at least two-thirds approval, Davis will have three school parcel taxes in effect at the same time. Davis voters almost always vote yes on questions like these. But the major employer in town -- government -- is facing fresh, severe, payroll-hacking cuts of its own. UC Davis alone anticipates another 450 to 500 job losses soon. Richard Harris, school board president, came by Davisville this week to talk about the tax, why the board put it on the ballot, and related issues that include continuing step-and-column pay raises, the programs Measure A would preserve, and more. We also hear via email from John Munn, a skeptic of the tax in its earlier form but who has decided not to oppose Measure A. Listen in at

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