Outta Style - outta my mind

I've often wanted to play some of the other stuff I enjoy. I think, "I could do a Blues show." Or, "I could do a Bluegrass show." Or "I'd like to play some of the old odd stuff I have that doesn't fit the jug band format." Or "Gosh, I wish I could play some of my Americana or psychedelic stuff." Or..... How about a show maybe called Out of Style where I can play some of whatever I want. A quick half-hour glimpse into my musical mind. I wanted to call it "Wayne's World" but I think that's been taken.

It's just that most music that appeals to me is out of style and I want to be able to not be limited to any one style. I'm likely to play something from the twenties next to a recent release,
an old country hoedown followed by Pharoah Sanders, or a whole show of electric blues, or all vinyl, or just whatever I pick up off the floor.

Join me for a bit of musical mayhem.

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