Next up On The Backlot ... Tha Dirt Feelin

I will not embarass Mr. Marque Cass by relating the story of how we became friends over his concussion. Instead, I'll say that Marque--youth media advocate, UC Davis student, poet, Davis Media Access volunteer and so on--is better known these days as front man and lyricist for Tha Dirt Feelin, and that Tha DF is heating up things all over town.

Marque is joined by Colin Borges on guitars and flute; Colin also produces the band’s work. Evan Daly plays guitar and composes;  Ali Sakkal plays saxophone and percussion; and Kevin Martinez plays drums, percussion. To a man, they're all students, grad students and educators, and in fact met through school here in Davis about two years ago. The music started as random jam sessions and turned into shows at bars, restaurants, farmers' markets and large festivals.

Tha Dirt Feelin’s music is a positive and upbeat blend of soulful singing, thoughtful raps and musical accompaniment that always has a solid dance beat, but ranges from acoustic to jazz to funk and rock in style. Music clips and more information available at, and here's one to get you started. They'll be playing in the 8:00 hour ... On the Backlot ... and I want to thank them for joining us.  Enjoy!




I will gladly embarass me since you are too kind to do so... So I was on my lunchbreak riding back to work at the former 3rd & B Ten Center when my front wheel fell off and the asphalt was flying towrds my face way faster than I could faster than I could react. When I woke up, a woman in pink was standing over me and said "DAYUM!!! Lucky the ground broke your fall!" I would've replied rudely but I couldn't talk or stand and when I could the nly place I could think of was DMA. Autumn bandaged me up and called my fiancee and ever since Alex & Jeff have nicknamed me Marque "Crash" Cass, haha!!!!

I just remember asking you what had happened. You said, "I crashed my bike, and when I came to"....yikes. You were pretty concussed! Glad you lived to tell the tale and I am looking forward to your set on Saturday night!

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