Mountain Mama's Broken Heart

Hi there … and welcome to Mountain Mama’s Earth Music … home grown and broken hearted

1) How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, The Bee Gees 3:58
2) Every Time You Say Goodbye, Allison Krauss 3:05
3) Goodbye, Steve Earle, 4:57

The Dog Has Run Off Again by Mary Oliver
and I should start shouting his name
and clapping my hands,
but it has been raining all night
and the narrow creek has risen
is a tawny turbulence is rushing along
over the mossy stones
is surging forward
with a sweet loopy music
and therefore I don't want to entangle it
with my own voice
calling summoning
my little dog to hurry back
look the sunlight and shadows are chasing each other
listen how the wind swirls & leaps & dives up & down
who am I to summon his hard and happy body
his four white feet that love to wheel and pedal
through the dark leaves
to come back to walk by my side, obedient.

4) Wanderin, The Belleville Outfit 3:56
5) Out In the Country, Greg Brown 7:41

Why Dogs Stopped Flying
by Kenneth W. Brewer
Before humans,
dogs flew everywhere.
Their wings of silky fur
wrapped hollow bones.
Their tails wagged
like rudders through wind,
their stomachs bare
to the sullen earth.

Out of sorrow
for the first humans--
stumbling, crawling,
helpless and cold--
dogs folded their
great wings into paws
soft enough to walk
beside us forever.

They still weep for us,
pity our small noses,
our unfortunate eyes,
our dull teeth.
They lick our faces clean,
keep us warm at night.
Sometimes they remember flying
and bite our ugly hands.

6) Bear Creek Blues, John Prine 4:24
7) Old King, Old King 2:57
8) Sweet Dogs, Trolle Siebenhaar, 3:47

Nelson, My Dog by Gary Soto
Like the cat he scratches the flea camping in fur.
Unlike the cat he delights in water up to his ears.
He frolics. He catches a crooked stick –
On his back he naps with legs straight up in the air.
Nelson shudders awake. He responds to love
From head to tail. In happiness
His front legs march in place
And his back legs spark when they push off.
On a leash he knows his geography.
For your sake he looks both ways before crossing,
He sniffs at the sight of a poodle trimmed like a hedge,
And he trots the street with you second in command.
In the park, he ponders a squirrel attached to a tree
And he shovels a paper cup on his nose.
He sweeps after himself with his tail,
And there is no hand that doesn't deserve a lick.
Note this now, my friends:
Nelson can account the heritage of heroic dogs:
One, canines lead the blind,
Two, they enter fire to rescue the child and the child's toy,
Three, they swim for the drowning,
Four, they spring at the thief,
Five, they paddle ponds for the ball that got away,
Six, for the elderly they walk side by side to the very end,
Seven, they search for bones but stop when called,
Eight, they bring mud to all parties,
Nine, they poke among the ruins of a burnt house,
Ten, they forgive what you dish out on a plate.

Nelson is a companion, this much we know,
And if he were a movie star, he would do his own stunts –
O, how he would fly, climb the pant legs of a scoundrel
And stand tall rafting on white-water rivers!
He has befriended the kingdom of animals:
He once ran with wolves but admittedly not very far,
He stepped two paces into a cave and peeked at the bear,
He sheltered a kitten,
He righted the turtle pedaling its stumps on its back,
Under the wheeling stars he caravanned with the mule,
He steered sheep over a hill,
He wisely let the skunk pass,
He growled at the long-bearded miser,
He joined ducks quacking with laughter,
Once he leaped at a pheasant but later whined from guilt.

Nelson's black nose is a compass in the wilds.
He knows nature. He has spied spires of summer smoke,
He circled cold campfires,
He howled at a gopher and scratched at the moon,
He doctored his wounds with his tongue,
He has pawed a star of blood left in snow.
He regards the fireplace, the embers like blinking cats,
This too we know about Nelson.
True, he is sometimes tied to parking meters
And sometimes wears the cone of shame from the vet's office.
But again, he is happiness.
He presents his belly for a friendly scratch.
If you call him, he will drop his tennis ball,
Look up, and come running,
This muddy friend for life. When you bring your nose
To his nose for something like a kiss,
You can find yourself in his eyes.

9) Back To the Earth, Rusted Root 5:27

when faces called flowers float out of the ground
and breathing is wishing and wishing is having-
but keeping is downward and doubting and never
-it's april(yes,april;my darling)it's spring!
yes the pretty birds frolic as spry as can fly
yes the little fish gambol as glad as can be
(yes the mountains are dancing together)

when every leaf opens without any sound
and wishing is having and having is giving-
but keeping is doting and nothing and nonsense
-alive;we're alive,dear:it's(kiss me now)spring!
now the pretty birds hover so she and so he
now the little fish quiver so you and so i
(now the mountains are dancing, the mountains)

when more than was lost has been found has been found
and having is giving and giving is living-
but keeping is darkness and winter and cringing
-it's spring(all our night becomes day)o,it's spring!
all the pretty birds dive to the heart of the sky
all the little fish climb through the mind of the sea
(all the mountains are dancing;are dancing)
e.e. cummings

10) Carry Me, Tim Easton 4:37

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The world lost a good fella a few days back when our big mella yella fella, otherwise known as Bogey Blue Sunny Bunny, died unexpectedly
We were lucky enough to share 8 fabulous years with the big guy, and I had taken him for a walk in the fields just the day before where he was rolling on his back in the tall grass and running with a big smile on his face. He was Cassidy's present from Santa when she was 5 … "just exactly what she had asked for" … and he slept with her every night after that. She used to dress him up in tutus and dresses, even painted pink polka dots all over him one time, and loved him fiercely.
He loved food, chasing balls, food, chasing the snow from the snowblower, food, tug of war, food, long walks in the fields, food, jumping into water off piers, food, and the way Geoff teased him. And while he wasn't that much of a people dog, he put up with us nicely … nah I guess I'd have to say he loved us very much and we loved him … and we're going to miss him very much.
So this show is for Bogey … the great reminder that life is a rich tapestry and it plays out how it will and all we can really do is love each other!

11) My Love Goes With You, Mishka 4:17


Nancy, so sorry for your loss. (RIP = Roll in Possum -- more suitable for the doggy afterlife)

He was a great, big dog. I loved his happy smiles and wagging tail and sheer largeness. We'll miss him.

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