Live DiRT at Davis Music Festival, June 16-18!


Davis Music Festival - DMF7 - poster

Once again, the KDRT Live DiRT crew brings the sounds of the 7th Annual Davis Music Fest to the airwaves. Join KDRT broadcasters for the live-music action:

* The SUDWERKS’s kickoff party on FRIDAY evening, with the Polyorchids, Kaz Mirblouk, The Nickel Slots, and Boca do Rio…

* The K-DiRT Stage at ARMADILLO MUSIC on SATURDAY, with Lillian Frances, Tony Bonacci, Gabe Lewin, Garrett Pierce, Hannah Jane Kile, and Pets…

* The WOODSTOCK’s afternoon party on SUNDAY, with the Golden Gate String Quartet, Be Brave Bold Robot, The Five Thirty, and the West Nile Ramblers.

In addition to broadcasting the musical acts from these fine venues, an expanded Live DiRT crew will roam the streets of downtown Davis on Saturday, collecting interviews, sounds, and samples from across the festival for sharing over the air and social media. See you at DMF7!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! What a show! Yes it was so well done. A whole evening of DAVIS Music Fest. music. Sooo fine... And the weather was so hot for the weekend and now, and you were funny. Thank you.

Sometimes we intend to funny, sometimes things just turn out that way -- either way, glad you had a good listening time! :-J

<p>Is there an archive link to Gabe Lewin's performance at the Armadillo record store at the music fest on the 17th at 6pm?</p>

Plz email (if you haven't already) regarding Gabe's fine performance. :-J

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