Listening Lyrics - Exploring Thanksgiving through Enabling and Music

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This week LISTENING LYRICS will offer some songs exploring thanksgiving through enabling.
My special guest will be Jack Edwards.
Aside from talking about his Peace Corps experience Jack will talk about his real passion the last number of years. Since his retirement from Cummins Jack has developed a career volunteering for an amazing social entrepreneurship non-profit called Ashoka. With this group he’s been traveling the breadth of Latin America evaluating potential social entrepreneurs for viability to then assist financially and with the necessary and continuing ‘underpinnings’ to ensure that, once begun, a newly formed business will be successful. Should be a fascinating discussion; personally, I see it as a great way to for all of us to enter the Thanksgiving weekend.


Over these pasts weeks I've come to expect a wonderful and insightful hour of music and talk on Listening Lyrics.

However, yesterday’s show put all the rest on a “side burner.” The Thanksgiving show highlighted with Jack Edward’s insights into social entrepreneurship gave special meaning to what Thanksgiving is all about. The transitions between discussion and music and poetry made for an hour’s worth of ‘how’ and ‘why’ such as seldom found—brilliant!

Thanks Pieter and thanks Jack.

Cincinnati Opa

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