KDRT Programming Expands

Davis citizens are a mobile bunch, and this means we sometimes have to say good-bye. We offer a fond farewell to DJ AA and Vincent with “Empire Radio,” who have moved on to the Bay Area. Ted and Josh of “The Recollection” are on hiatus at present but rumor has it they plan to return in January. Congratulations to Ted, who welcomed his first son this summer.

The good news here is that change is good, as it opens up new room and opportunities. We have quite a few new shows on KDRT, as well as some old favorites in new spaces. Check the list below to see what's airing on your community radio station, and to see the whole schedule, visit kdrt.org.

  • Jesse Drew and his Technocultural Studies students are on Tuesdays from 10:30-11:30 a.m. with “Technocult Radio
  • Building Ideas” finds Kyle, Gunnar and Mike under one roof Tuesdays from 4-5 pm. Mike writes, “We are three guys with a lot of experience who have come together to discuss people’s concerns and answer questions regarding their homes—topics such as roof leaks, kitchen and bath remodels, dry rot, contracts, etc. We also endeavor to bring people together to discuss ideas, find solutions to problems with a common sense approach…without taking ourselves too seriously.” Tune in for some good advice and lots of banter.
  • Beth Post and the very popular "Mele O Hawaii" are now on Wednesdays at 10 a.m.
  • "Listening Lyrics" takes a listen to the music that inspires poets. Tuesdays at 2 p.m. with Pieter Pastoor
  • Gary Pratt has rebranded his classics show and now brings you music from around the world Wednesdays at 3 p.m. with “An International Affair
  • Dennis Donor has been filling in for Cyclin’ Cam on Fridays for a while but now has his own show, “World Reggae,” Thursdays at 2 pm
  • The good Dr. G returns with ‘Heart to Heart,” Thursdays at 4 pm. Every 4th Thursday, the show is in French!
  • Local high-school student Mina brings us “Dynamics” every Thursday at 5 pm
  • DJ Andres brings us "The DJ Talk” and electronica, Fridays at 3 pm
  • Danny & Sara of the Davis Music Festival bring us “The Awesome Patrol Show” Fridays at 5 pm on Fridays, profiling touring bands, many of whom will pass through Davis.

Many of your old favorites are still on the air. Highlighted on the back of the current printed schedule is Redwood Barn Nursery, a longtime supporter of Davis Media Access and KDRT. Owner Don Shor hosts two very popular KDRT shows, “Jazz After Dark” Tuesdays at 8 pm, and he also co-hosts the "Davis Garden Show" with Lois Richter, Thursdays at noon. Thanks to Don and all our business underwriters for their support! To learn more about underwriting, visit here

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