A good time was had by all!

The joint venture between the Davis Odd Fellows and Davis Media Access known as the "First Fridays" Concert Series launched last night, Feb. 6, 2009, with a spectacular show by Loose Acoustic Trio and The Rubber Souldiers.

Loose Acoustic Trio kicked us off with a fine set and an encore. Yeah, we like their hats, and their music too. Big thanks to Richie Lawrence, Ken Cooper and Steve O'Neill. Be sure to find out more about them here.

Then we had the biggest blast with the Rubber Souldiers: The Rowan Brothers (Chris and Lorin), and David Gans, joined by C.C. Dawson and Joshua Zucker. The full house was rocking, singing, dancing and just enjoying the heck out of this great music performed by incredibly talented musicians.  Please find out more about these guys and their music here. I have one more word for these guys: indefatigable. They played well into the night, capping it all off with a special rendition of the birthday song for our City Councilman Stephen Souza, who was on hand to celebrate with us because yes, we do throw some great parties!

Here's what they had to say about us: Davis does it right! We had a great time playing the KDRT benefit last night, and want to thank you and your team for putting together such a great event.  Everything was done with good planning and attention, and the guys felt very well taken care of-- believe me, we appreciate it.  It's still early in the life of this band, but the Davis show is already in the memory book with a huge smiley stuck to it!  We feel like we made some good friends, and if there's anything we can do to help boost KDRT in the future, let us know. Thanks again for everything.

We love you too, and we invite you back to Davis any ol' time.

As for you, Davis, make plans to attend the next two concerts: Joe Craven w/ Aesthetic Cling opening on Friday, March 6, and Waiting for Bruce on April 3. All shows start at 7:15 and take place at the beautifully refurbished Odd Fellows Hall, 415 Second Street in downtown Davis. Concerts benefit KDRT 95.7 FM and the Davis Odd Fellows.

We thank those oddly wonderful Odd Fellows for partnering up with us; the Davis Media Access volunteers for making it happen; Rick and Jeremy from Round Sound; and all of you who came out and had such a good time.  We thank the Davis Food Coop, Purple Pearl Wines, Redwood Barn Nursery and The Pepper Peddler Fine-Roasted Coffees for their support. We also offer thanks to Hunan, Uncle Vito's New York Slice and Cloud Forest Cafe for offrering concertgoers a discount on their post-concert munchies. 



I liked it.

I really want to support this. I attended the show. Took my wife and some friends. But ... the band and PA were too loud for the room. The strongest point of the performers were the vocals -- too bad it was so hard to capture that.
And the mix, beyond the overall volume being too loud and the vocals lost ... the bass was way too muddy, boomy and undefined. You just don't need two boomy subs in that room.
Also, it was a little surprising how many people were loudly talking during the performances of each group. Kind of an insult to the performers.

I will go again and want to con't supporting it all. But I won't be taking my wife or inviting friends along until I see that you get the mix under control. Thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to write and share your views about the recent First Fridays concert. I really appreciate your feedback and will
share it with those providing sound. I hope you'll come out for future concerts and that the next one is a better experience for you.

Again, thanks very much for your feedback and for coming out to support KDRT & the Odd Fellows.


Autumn Labbe-Renault
Davis Media Access

Yeah I also where there but to be honestly I had to close my years due to the noise.


I completely understand where you were coming from concerning the volume level. And we promise to balance that out in the future. Really!

But I have to chuckle at the phrase, "had to close my YEARS due to the noise."

Have felt like that for sure...hope to see you at the next show, and thanks a million for tuning in to KDRT.

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