Farewell, George

George Moore, friend and mentor to so many of us here at KDRT/Davis Media Access, passed away this morning. We send our heartfelt condolences to his wife Diane, his children and his extended family. Our community here is sad and rocked by thinking about a KDRT without George. George Moore I could tell you about George, who played show tunes, or jazz, or segments of historical Jewish radio. Or George, who helmed the KDRT Steering Committee and served on the Davis Media Access board of directors for several years. George, who opened his home for countless meetings, plodded through a rewrite of the DMA Bylaws with me, who helped me navigate ADA compliance for our new ramp at this building, who wrote policy, raised money, and vetted programming proposals. He did all of this, for years on end. He was a tireless advocate for KDRT, a fierce fighter when the chips were down, and a fun companion when it was time to celebrate. But I'd also like to tell you about George, my friend. I may have been treated to his sharp-tongued dialog from time to time, but I was also the beneficiary of a lot of his wisdom. Set George to talking about grammar and the downfall of literacy in today's culture, and he could go for hours. Ask him about his years as a teacher and you'd hear stories of kids that made a difference in his life, but little about the undeniable difference he must have made in theirs. Radio was a passion for George, not only because it allowed him to play little-heard but beloved music, but because it meant something real to this community. George once told me that "radio inscribes a bit of a community's soul" on the people who listen to it, and that's a piece of wisdom I'll carry with me always. Another was "just because I have to take things sitting down doesn't mean I'm complacent." This picture of a happy, smiling George is from July 4, 2010, when KDRT volunteers managed the beer concession at the City's celebration. It was George who handled all the permitting and was responsible for DMA being awarded the concession that year, George who stayed all day in hot weather to make sure it ran smoothly, and George who gave the beer seller hell when the lines clogged up with foam. Wherever your spirit is traveling George, I hope you'll remember to tune into 95.7 FM in Davis, CA--the little radio station that could, and does, in large part thanks to you. You will be missed.


George brought so much joy to me...when my phone rang and I saw it was George, a smile came across my face. He was tireless, but always with joy and mirth. I hope his passing will bring the KDRT family even closer together. Craig B.

[img_assist|nid=4569|title=White rose for remembrance and respect|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=75|height=100]This is very sad news. Thank you, George, for all you did for DMA.

We were lucky enough to be considered family by George. He challenged us with his with and embraced us with his love and devotion to family. Thank you George for all the love and laughs.

Charles & Carol

Remembering his smile ... the light in his eyes...
and his unmistakable delight in a Betty Bop cup I left for him at the studio ...

Gitane ~~
"D. G"
Heart to Heart - KDRT

Thank you all for your thoughts of love for my Dad. I know how special he was and it is nice to see how much others appreciated him as well.
Julia Moore, the youngest daughter

Much love to your family. Your dad was very beloved here. If someone will let me know of any planned services or remembrances, I will spread the word here--everyone is asking. Take good care.

He was the most lovable curmudgeon I ever met. He could be stubborn, but he was always in your corner even if you didn't know it. He was a great soul and I will miss him.

Please accept my sincere condolences. I am deeply grateful to George because he gave me a chance to fulfill a long standing dream of mine: to share my knowledge and love of classical music with the world. A further note of gratitude sounds when I think of the confidence he had in my ability to actually do a radio show, and in the confidence displayed when he recommended me to replace him on the Board of Directors at DMA. I'll never forget the boost he gave me when he told me I had a good "radio voice".

George Moore was the sweetest grump- and i should know cuz i'm grumpy as hell! He was never mean, just called it like he saw it, with honesty. I appreciate that and like to think he showed me it can be done with a smile.
thanks george, you rocked me.

-m.c. muldozer (a.k.a "Bad Cop")

I've just learned the Yolo County Board of Supervisors will adjourn in honor of George Moore on Feb. 1. George devoted his time to so many organizations--we were but one. Seems like a fitting honor for a great man.

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