A director's cut kind of program

For the Feb. 14 show, I interviewed the guy who does "Live Tracks" at KDRT, also known as my brother, Jim. We talked about his Thursday night program, a little about his experience as sound engineer for "Davisville," then headed into deeper waters with some questions about life in the 50s -- our 50s, that is. He and I talk about stuff like this all the time. I thought, why not try to capture some of that on the radio. And he was game, I hope not to his regret :-)

A mental image that might stick with you from this program is, Beware of collecting ashtrays. What starts out as fun becomes, after 30 years, a room full of things you have to step around. And don't make the mistake of thinking that comment is really about ashtrays.

If "Davisville" were ever presented as a boxed set, this experiment would be a hidden track. http://www.kdrt.org/node/4717

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