COVID-19 Community Report for March 24, 2020

I'm getting ready for tomorrow's episode, when we'll chat with Davis Poet James Lee Jobe, and Elizabeth Gray of the Yolo County Library. Especially in times like this, we need some reflective moments and diversions! Learn about Jobe's virtual offerings at this time, and hear about the Library's e-reader program and other services.

On Friday, we'll chat with Yolo County Supervisor for District 2, Don Saylor, and also check in with the Yolo Public Health Department. As always, I include a large resource listing with each episode on the show page--some I will have read on the air, others are blog listings only.

In times of crisis, especially, local media outlets are important conduits to the community. I'm carrying the KDRT/Davis Media Access banner in terms of live programming at this moment in time, and I hope it's a beacon and of help. Missing our DJs & other volunteers!

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