Concert of music from British Isles by Vocal Arts Ensemble

As has been announced on recent shows of mine, on 5/30/09, and 5/31/09, the Vocal Arts Ensemble under the direction of Tracia Barbieri will present a concert of vocal and instrumental music from the British Isles. This will include British Renaissance music, as well as Irish jigs, and Gaelic Airs. Celtic instrumentalists Bob Wren and Ray Frank, as well as classical guitarist Matthew Grasso will be present to present period instrumental pieces, and to accompany the vocalists on some of their numbers. The concert on 5/10/09 will be at the Universalist Unitarian Church on Patwin Road in Davis at 7:30 pm, and two concerts will be performed on sunday, one at the Trinity Cathedral in Sacramento at 2620 Capitol Ave., at 2:00 pm and at the Woodland Presbyterian Church at 1324 Colombia Drive at 7:30 pm. Listen next Wednesday to Dr. Paul's Classic Hour on KDRT to hear recordings by this group of fine musicians. On the last three shows of Dr. Paul, some selections from their recordings have been played. Listen to these shows to whet your appetitie.


Hi Paul,

Had the opportunity last month to hear just a few songs from these folks live and they are wonderful! I'm looking forward to the May 30 show. Their direction under Tracia Barbieri was really impressive.

Thanks for the comment, Autumn. Tracia is just too busy this time of the year to do a live show with me, but she promised that perhaps she could bring some vocalists to the station this summer for a broadcast with live singing! I have gotten to know her through my next door neighbor, Dave Showers, who is a singer with the Vocal Arts Ensemble. We are truly blessed with so much talent here in Davis. See you at the show!

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