"Boogie" Bruce Englhardt Tribute

"Boogie" Bruce Englhardt passed away Wednesday. An essential member of the Dirty Butter Jug Band, The Club Zayate Jug Stompers, and the, Tarantulas Bruce was a maistay in the Santa Cruz music scene for over 30 years. And he was a friend.

It was during an email exchange between Bruce, Mike Billo, and myself that the idea for a California jug band festival of some kind was hatched. That lead to the International Jug Band Festival in Sutter Creek, the San Francisco Jug Band Festival, the California Jug Band Association, the Santa Cruz Jug Band Jamboree and a host of other exciting opportunities for those interested in jug band music. He will be sorely missed.

Tonight I'm playing music featuring Bruce. Music that he inspired and music that inspired him.

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