Amazing Grapes Live in studio May 17, 5 PM

Who are the Amazing Grapes you say?

The Amazing Grapes is Bob Palasek, Erich Sylvester, and Mike Billo.
The band performs songs from the classic jug bands of the 1920s, as well as some hillbilly hokum, old time jazz and ragtime.
The band employs all the classic sounds of the jug band: harmonica, banjo, guitar, jug, and kazoo, plus fiddle, mandolin, and washboard.
Erich and Bob are Alumni of the Cincinnati Dancing Pigs, one of America's oldest, ongoing Jug Bands.
Mike is a 40 year veteran of the San Francisco Jug Band scene.

I'm looking forward to talking with Erich, Mike, and Bob. This will be a great show. Don't miss it.

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